Saturday, February 24, 2018

Being Upset

I deleted the previous blog post "Being so Happy" because a post about my happiness is almost pointless while that bad dream I had is useless to talk about if there was a good way to interpret it.

What I'm going to write about now is this:

Two days ago I believe I wrote a post about how my mail sometimes just doesn't arrive. My Dad, I've learned, has had this problem too:::: sometimes he orders things that just never arrive.

This is a pretty serious problem when the bank tells you they've sent a letter --- yet the letter never comes, as has happened in my case.

My delirious/telepathic mind has started hearing ire begin to rage on this topic ---- like someone is really upset.

Yesterday I was feeling very happy ------ but this morning, however this psychological magic works --- I am feeling very bugged by this, on the verge of angry.

I did all that work. I'm sitting here for years, wondering where all the money went.

And now that it's absolutely clear that my mail sometimes just doesn't arrive ----- I really have to wonder if I might've ever been sent a cheque that didn't just show up.

My heart is not happy at this moment. My delirious telepathy thoughts are expressing more negativity.

Yes ---- my emotions have soured ---- just knowing I've been waiting all this time when the actual truth is that we've verified a problem with receiving mail.

It's making me feel sick. Maybe I should take a paliperidone tablet. Yes - maybe I should.

Anyway, the point of this message is::::

To say I am mentally and emotionally disturbed at how mail doesn't seem to arrive like it should.

I did all that work. Waited so long wondering what was going on. And it turns out we aren't even getting all our mail.

Makes me sick.

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