Thursday, January 18, 2018

What am I not fully aware of?

Last year my bank sent me a letter offering me a mortgage. Then, my bank account was near-empty. I tweeted them wondering what they knew that I didn't. They said they'd look into it.

Well, this morning they just sent me another email, offering me a mortgage --- this time my bank account IS empty.

Their special offer is for a mortgage of at least $250,000 ------- how much do they really think I can afford?

The Chinese Consulate hasn't phoned again.

And just yesterday I had begun giving up hope on being paid from Cortex.

What is a guy to do? Sit and wait patiently I suppose.

Interesting thing::: though I don't get to access the Discover part of Cortex anymore --- yesterday someone downloaded Doorless Darts again. Just a nice thing to mention.

I talked to my injections nurse yesterday, told him about how I plan on putting some of my games on Google Play ----- he basically questioned if I'm even allowed to do that.

No one has told me of any restrictions for me to publish, so hopefully, it will be OK.

I think his question of whether or not I'm allowed to publish likely stemmed from the fact that I'm being treated in a psychiatric clinic::::: and some patients are handicapped enough that they aren't legally allowed to control their own finances.  My brother once had a restriction on him where he wasn't allowed to go to the movies.

I'm not aware of any great restrictions on myself:::: in fact, a while ago my MLA's office specifically said it's totally allowed for me to publish video games.

So there you go.

So:::: what is the bank potentially aware of that I'm not fully aware of?

I've got an empty bank account:::: why would they keep on offering me mortgages when I am definitely too poor at this point? What are they aware of? Will I ever get paid?

I guess I just have to be patient.

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