Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This might explain yesterday's Panic and Paranoia

I'm not even sure I should mention this, except to say "something is going on" and "I got your phone call, but I didn't answer it because I was sleeping and my phone was on silent.".

How'd they get my cell number anyway?

Also::: my phone has been on "Do not disturb" for quite a while now, so it's very interesting that this call got past that:

This post is because today I discovered that I had received a phone call this morning from The Consulate-General of The People's Republic of China ----- from their VISA office.


I am so wishing I could just live in my hobbit hole right now.

So::: why would China phone?

Razer is Chinese I think.

Avril was an ambassador to China once.

Are they annoyed at my bitcoin donations on my website?

The VISA office?  Does this mean travel?

My mind has questions now. But my future-self receiving such a call may have been a psychic reason why I'd feel panic and anxiety yesterday.

Maybe it's just something to do with Razer.

I don't even feel scared now. I'm just wondering "why?"

And I would also wonder if I shouldn't discuss this on my blog. But maybe I should make it known. I don't know.

So yeah::: something has been going on.

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