Monday, January 8, 2018

Porting My Games to Raspberry Pi

With the sunsetting of the Cortex Store, I figured I wanted a way or place where I could continue to play my games even without a Forge TV.

Maybe I could move over to the NVidia Shield -- or some other Android TV Box -- but it was made abundantly clear to me by "the government" a few years ago that I'm just "a hobbyist" ----

Therefore, for the sake of fun and lack of expense, I have decided to try porting my games to a Raspberry Pi platform.

I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B --- the most recent version.

Pfhonge works. The colors were inverted, but if you press "Y" in the RPI version that inverts the colors back to normal.

I am currently working on porting ICBM over. Because of color inversion problems and large image sizes, I had to reduce image sizes so inverting their colors would be less process-intensive because the RPI is pretty slow. So, ICBM will see a decrease in graphical quality --- not that the game was very graphical anyway.

Still working on ICBM though --- there are a number of bugs or issues to sort through, over time.

And my Unity games --- I haven't touched them, I haven't tried them yet. Hopefully, it works out.

So, I was thinking maybe someday I'd get a business internet connection and set up my own server to distribute my website and my games --- because I know it's useless for me to try to sell anything.

My current internet plan expires this July I think, so it's going to be a while --- so maybe in that time, I'll manage to fix up all my games for a new release platform (RPI).

And I might as well make my own server serve that excellence website too. I haven't forgotten about that.

This is only IF I manage to be able to have a business connection --- factors such as my parents are also involved.

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