Friday, January 5, 2018

Pinball Arcade Updated on Cortex in January 2018?

I looked at my dev portal: there is still a button on the Games tab that allows me to "Clone this version" (make an update).

I looked at the recently released games on ---- Pinball Arcade was updated in January 2018.

This goes against the forecasted sunsetting of the store that Razer told me about in an email from December 15th, 2017.

The email said one thing. Now, something different appears to have happened --- unless of course Pinball Arcade submitted the update in 2017, and waited until 2018 to publish.

But, as far as I am concerned at this point anyways --- all my games are done. They all work, more or less, as they should.

The one game with the most "bugs" would likely be Coconuts versus Bananas ----- but those bugs are mostly caused by the game being very resource intensive and the Forge TV not having the clock speed to handle it I think. Not sure how to fix that. But I still have fun with it when I have a rare opportunity to play.

I thought about what I was going to do with my games once Cortex is gone ---- I was hoping I could install Android TV on a Raspberry Pi and try to play them on that system --- I even bought documentation to help me configure the game so it doesn't need the OUYA SDK.

So far, I can't get Android TV to run on my Raspberry Pi.

I'd also thought about how I didn't really make my money.

And it occurs to me that there are reasons why I didn't make money.

There are many possible reasons why I've never been paid for books or Cortex, but here's one example:::

I am an author and small-time indie game developer.  How much is my work really worth?

While my Mom's a nurse, and my brother-in-laws are a carpenter and police officer.

My job, through sales, had the potential to make A LOT of money.

But is my job ACTUALLY WORTH more in value than the jobs of my family members?

It would be awfully cracked if I do a nearly-useless job and then make more money than essential services.

I mean, that's how our society seems to operate sometimes ------ but in all seriousness, as a kid in school, I had the brain to realize that certain jobs are more valuable than others even if they aren't paid as much.

So though I had the potential to make a lot of money doing what I did, maybe there is just some kind of cosmic or societal reason why I didn't make money ---- including that my job doesn't have the same or more value than members of my family who are in more essential services.

And that is only one way I can look at why I don't make my mint.

Of course::: there is a small problem with the above statement:::: Even though my job may not be the same or better value that other family members and therefore shouldn't be paid more:::::

My actual work gets paid very little to nothing,

While I make most of my money from pretty much doing dick-all.

That's right::: society values me doing NOTHING more than they value me trying to entertain people.

And that leads to another line of thought:::::

Society also seems to value Disabled people more than Good Students.

Why do I say this?

I used to be a real good student::: I was one of the best:::: but rather than reward me for my good work effort and learning ability, I more or less got treated like shit instead.

Then I became disabled.

And then I get all kinds of benefits from the government for my disability ---- while actually DOING something as a student was not rewarded, and in fact you have to PAY to be a student, and then get treated like shit.

The system is still kind of pretty much cracked actually.

Yes -- the system is cracked.

So yeah, there were supposed to be no new Cortex games or updates in the new year --- and boom::: Pinball Arcade gets a January 2018 update --- so who knows.


After a day of tinkering or maybe even hacking, I managed to install a version of Android TV on my Raspberry Pi 3, get it to boot up, and after major source code alterations, I've got a more-or-less working version of Pfhonge running. On Raspberry Pi. Yay.

The biggest problem is probably just how the colors are inverted. Red is blue and blue is red. Who knows why, but I can think of a way to "fix" this. maybe. In a sense.

I'll have to dig deeper into a boot config file to get the screen resolution I want,

and I have to figure out how to switch between activities without crashing --- which was actually a big part of the work on Cortex, MOJO, and OUYA.

But yeah -- it's a playable version of Pfhonge on hobby device. Yippee.

Pfhonge was probably my favorite game on Cortex, or Android TV for that matter. It was something I could easily and simply do by myself.

So, having accomplished this much in a day -- I am happy.

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