Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Mind is Weird

From last post's update::: we were able to safely determine that supposed Interac e-transfer was actually just a phishing scam. We're safe.

It's just a bit funny to think you are using the Law of Attraction, when in fact you just attracted a phishing scam. Huh.

Anyway::::: MY brain is being weird this evening.

I'm seriously right next to broke. I've got maybe a buck or two in my wallet, an empty bank account, and my credit card is very close to being max'd out (less than $20 available credit),

And for some reason my brain is just being a bit haywire this evening telling me that I'm "too rich", as if I shouldn't even think about trying to spend my upcoming AiSH payment.

It's like this::: I'm trying to plan my finances, and my brain just says any plan I make is garbage and that I'm basically too rich ---- even though right now I'm right next to broke.

And AiSH actually isn't too much money by itself --- so I really have to wonder about my brain, basically feeling hypnotized, into thinking I'm "too rich".

My Dad, who is very conservative, seems to think rich people are an essential part of society.

Yet today when I asked my Mom if she'd pray for me to make my million so I can pay for the family's dental health, she said "no".

Yup:::: Dad says rich people are essential, but my mom doesn't want ME to be rich.

It's absolutely useless.

It's like my own family works against my own success. My own family wants me to fail.

But in all seriousness::: this is probably true, because in our childhoods it was basically my own sister(s) who intentionally wanted to drive me insane.

I may have been a top student in school:::: but that didn't stop my sister from insisting on insulting my intelligence and calling me names all the time, trying to drive me mad.

Therefore::: it seems quite possible that my own family wants me to fail. They wanted me in the psychiatric hospital, and when I got better they wouldn't even support or help with my business.

Yes, it is absolutely useless.

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