Saturday, January 27, 2018

Life is getting better

Since my last post, I was finally able to show my Dad most of "The Secret" video and teach him The Law of Attraction.

The good thing is he has already started becoming more positive. The environment has noticeably changed.

But as I logged into my blogging site to write this post::: whether it's empathic or whatever I definitely noticed some "difficult" "feelings" in my heart as I thought about this site and logging into it.

This blog definitely contains a lot of my very questionable experiences --- maybe that's why ---- so again, it'll be better to think positively.

Of course, upon beginning to write this blog post I immediately felt better. Maybe someone just missed me for a few days. Who knows.

I feel very good these days. Especially after showing my Dad the idea of the Law of Attraction.

I basically feel, more or less, that I have finally been healed of my mental problems. I feel like my brain is back in order like my emotions are back in order.

My Dad tells me to take a class --- but in my mind, I wonder if getting an actual job might be a better idea --- even if it just pays minimum wage. Not sure if this is the path I'll take yet --- the stars have to align, so to speak, before I know this is something I can do.


I'm not so sure that I'm going to release any games on Google Play at this moment. Again, I think I might've sensed some emotional difficulty ----- but really, if people just don't pay, then people just don't pay ---- and therefore there isn't a whole lot of point.

Basically:::: I'd have to sink money into an NVidia Shield as a development system --- I have every idea of what I'd be doing.

But if people just don't pay for things, then what's the point of giddy-ing-up into spending that kind of money on a console? I've already got consoles:::: I'd only really get the Shield for development, and it's just not worth it if I already realize people won't pay.

I have ideas about what I'd publish if I were to publish again --- but it doesn't seem worth it right now.


Like, today I checked my phone and discovered that someone liked my Facebook page for The Eagle's Sore. Out of the blue. No advertising.

Thing is ---- I've only ever actually sold two copies of that book, and one of those was to someone I know personally.

People just aren't paying.  What's the point if people treat me like I'm a slave?

I have definitely grown "spiritually" (or emotionally/mentally) having worked on these projects ---- but maybe there's something else better I could be doing, seeing as how people aren't being totally honest with me.

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