Sunday, January 21, 2018

Knowing what to do

I actually did this a few days ago, but didn't feel like posting until now:::

I managed to port my game Air Defence to Raspberry Pi so it works on the system. The only problem is that the colors get inverted just like with the first two games, so that's very difficult when dealing with Unity -- because I think I would need expensive Unity Pro to get color correction.

The good news is that I now know HOW to port my OUYA games to regular/normal Android TV --- so if/when I finally get a Shield, I'll have some idea of what I'll be doing.

But even without going into Google Play:::::

I have a friend who believes that I already have the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just like the bank seems to think I can afford a mortgage.

The bank offered me special savings of up to $500,000 --- lately, they've been thinking I could afford a Mortgage -------

and I have a special friend who thinks I could earn hundreds of thousands now too.

I just have to hope people start to actually like me, so I actually can get paid.

My life has been full of trouble from my childhood that spilled over into my early adulthood ----- but as I worked on OUYA games my psychiatric doctor said that my condition has improved a lot.

OUYA was awesome because it was like occupational therapy or something, and my brain, figuring out these programming problems, was able to heal.

Before OUYA:::: My brain was a disaster.

After OUYA:::: The doctor says I've significantly improved, and I can feel healing, especially as I now understand derivatives in Calculus ---- something my mind was previously too broken to do right.

Yeah, my life was in trouble for a long time ----- people in my childhood just had a way of mistreating me, even though I tried very hard to be a good student.

When I was a kid would have the dream where my teeth were all falling out --- all the time.

I since learned that the "teeth falling out" dream meant that you were not in control of your own life.

As a kid, I basically had to do what I was told by my parents::: and that meant being a Mormon, and the Mormons were telling me I had to do all sorts of things, including spending 2 years of my life has a missionary.

If I did anything "wrong", what I did was essentially my fight for freedom. Though under intense pressure to serve a mission::: I never did.

My childhood was not very enjoyable ---- so now as an adult choosing my own way, I just have to hope that people will start to see that I can be a good person.

Anyway:: someday I might have some games on Google Play, as I now have a better idea of how to port them.

I have a friend who believes I could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars -- just as the bank seems to believe.

As well as I need to hope people can see me as a good person::: my childhood was not great, and I had to fight to live my life the way I chose to rather than how a religion was telling me.

So, things are looking up. I just have to hope people can see me as a good person.

NOTE::::: Do NOT blame me for my family.  Though I am forced to live with these people, I am not responsible for their actions. I can in no way force or impose my will upon them.

I say that simply because I realize some members of my family don't quite jive with "expected standards". That's how I'll say it. It's not my fault. My fight for freedom was so I didn't have to be like the rest of my family.


So, I've been thinking positive, thinking about money coming in ------ and just now my Dad received an email that claims to be an interac e-transfer from the Canada Revenue Agency.

We are examining the message ----- I send my dad interac e-transfers all the time, so we are wondering why the message isn't quite the same kind of thing that my Dad gets from me at my bank.

Basically, just on guard about fraud again --- especially as my Dad was not expecting this.

I've basically been trying to use the Law of Attraction to make my money, so it's just interesting that my Dad would suddenly get an email like this.

It seems to happen along the lines of what the law of attraction would do ---- but my Dad is cautious, expectedly, because to him it doesn't quite make sense that this would happen or about the nature of the origins the email came from.

So::: just interesting:::: I use the law of attraction to attract wealth,

and now my Dad has rejected money from Jamaica, and is probably going to reject supposed money from the Canada Revenue Agency ---- because such things do seem kind of suspicious and if we're going to get paid --- we'd want it to be totally Legitimate.

But it's fun, to see a potential payment of that size being sent to him. :) :) :)

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