Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Happy Surprise

The other day I bought Season 12 of Red Dwarf on iTunes.

Episode 1::::

I realize there are congruent or vague or vaguely-congruent comparisons that can be made between this episode and my own writing.

Episode 2::::

I was watching the credits scroll by when I noticed something and I had to rewind and pause at the right moment:::

Red Dwarf Season 12's Art Director is::  TRISTAN PEATFIELD. Or is is TRISTAN PE ATFIELD? Whatever the case:: the guy's name is similar enough to my own.

And Episode 1 of Season 12 looked like it could have been partially inspired by my life/writing.

That's awesome. It's hilarious.

Season 12 Episode 1 actually discusses the topic of psychopathy.

You can tell this episode may have partially been inspired by my writing because Lister plays guitar with Hitler and the character who would be Mussolini is replaced by a Mussolina, a wife of a past Caesar or something.

I'll again note:::: My doctors do not consider me to be a sociopath.

I doubt they consider me to by a psychopath either.

I actually really try to be a good person.

I only compare with anti-social disorders because of all the crap I took in my life, and how that resulted in me being an "asocial schizo-something".

Maybe I was just having to deal with too many psychopaths in my dealings at school and church - who knows -----

But my doctors do not consider me a sociopath,

and I doubt I'd even come close to being a psychopath because I do have empathy and I do have feelings.

I only relate to this sort of thing because of all the torment I've been through, and how I did become somewhat bonkers myself ---- although not to the point of an anti-social disorder.

However::: I do wonder if my torment was due to people in my life who had anti-social disorders. You never know.

Anyway::: yeah::::

Just seeing some vaguely-congruent similarities between my life and writing and this TV Show, and then seeing the Art Director's name resembles my own.

So much fun.

To be honest, this sort of thing seems to go on enough in my life for many years that I've largely gotten used to it. It also makes me feel like maybe I already died and I've gone to some kind of heaven where life isn't so painful anymore.


In other news, I recently checked my email from Amazon. I bought something a little while ago, and the seller wanted me to rate and review their product.

So, I clicked the link and logged in to rate the product.

When I clicked the star rating, Amazon just told me I need to have made an "Amazon verified" purchase before I can make a rating.

But I did buy the product.

Obviously, Amazon's website has a bug at that point. Oh well.

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