Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Happy Surprise

The other day I bought Season 12 of Red Dwarf on iTunes.

Episode 1::::

I realize there are congruent or vague or vaguely-congruent comparisons that can be made between this episode and my own writing.

Episode 2::::

I was watching the credits scroll by when I noticed something and I had to rewind and pause at the right moment:::

Red Dwarf Season 12's Art Director is::  TRISTAN PEATFIELD. Or is is TRISTAN PE ATFIELD? Whatever the case:: the guy's name is similar enough to my own.

And Episode 1 of Season 12 looked like it could have been partially inspired by my life/writing.

That's awesome. It's hilarious.

Season 12 Episode 1 actually discusses the topic of psychopathy.

You can tell this episode may have partially been inspired by my writing because Lister plays guitar with Hitler and the character who would be Mussolini is replaced by a Mussolina, a wife of a past Caesar or something.

I'll again note:::: My doctors do not consider me to be a sociopath.

I doubt they consider me to by a psychopath either.

I actually really try to be a good person.

I only compare with anti-social disorders because of all the crap I took in my life, and how that resulted in me being an "asocial schizo-something".

Maybe I was just having to deal with too many psychopaths in my dealings at school and church - who knows -----

But my doctors do not consider me a sociopath,

and I doubt I'd even come close to being a psychopath because I do have empathy and I do have feelings.

I only relate to this sort of thing because of all the torment I've been through, and how I did become somewhat bonkers myself ---- although not to the point of an anti-social disorder.

However::: I do wonder if my torment was due to people in my life who had anti-social disorders. You never know.

Anyway::: yeah::::

Just seeing some vaguely-congruent similarities between my life and writing and this TV Show, and then seeing the Art Director's name resembles my own.

So much fun.

To be honest, this sort of thing seems to go on enough in my life for many years that I've largely gotten used to it. It also makes me feel like maybe I already died and I've gone to some kind of heaven where life isn't so painful anymore.


In other news, I recently checked my email from Amazon. I bought something a little while ago, and the seller wanted me to rate and review their product.

So, I clicked the link and logged in to rate the product.

When I clicked the star rating, Amazon just told me I need to have made an "Amazon verified" purchase before I can make a rating.

But I did buy the product.

Obviously, Amazon's website has a bug at that point. Oh well.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Life is getting better

Since my last post, I was finally able to show my Dad most of "The Secret" video and teach him The Law of Attraction.

The good thing is he has already started becoming more positive. The environment has noticeably changed.

But as I logged into my blogging site to write this post::: whether it's empathic or whatever I definitely noticed some "difficult" "feelings" in my heart as I thought about this site and logging into it.

This blog definitely contains a lot of my very questionable experiences --- maybe that's why ---- so again, it'll be better to think positively.

Of course, upon beginning to write this blog post I immediately felt better. Maybe someone just missed me for a few days. Who knows.

I feel very good these days. Especially after showing my Dad the idea of the Law of Attraction.

I basically feel, more or less, that I have finally been healed of my mental problems. I feel like my brain is back in order like my emotions are back in order.

My Dad tells me to take a class --- but in my mind, I wonder if getting an actual job might be a better idea --- even if it just pays minimum wage. Not sure if this is the path I'll take yet --- the stars have to align, so to speak, before I know this is something I can do.


I'm not so sure that I'm going to release any games on Google Play at this moment. Again, I think I might've sensed some emotional difficulty ----- but really, if people just don't pay, then people just don't pay ---- and therefore there isn't a whole lot of point.

Basically:::: I'd have to sink money into an NVidia Shield as a development system --- I have every idea of what I'd be doing.

But if people just don't pay for things, then what's the point of giddy-ing-up into spending that kind of money on a console? I've already got consoles:::: I'd only really get the Shield for development, and it's just not worth it if I already realize people won't pay.

I have ideas about what I'd publish if I were to publish again --- but it doesn't seem worth it right now.


Like, today I checked my phone and discovered that someone liked my Facebook page for The Eagle's Sore. Out of the blue. No advertising.

Thing is ---- I've only ever actually sold two copies of that book, and one of those was to someone I know personally.

People just aren't paying.  What's the point if people treat me like I'm a slave?

I have definitely grown "spiritually" (or emotionally/mentally) having worked on these projects ---- but maybe there's something else better I could be doing, seeing as how people aren't being totally honest with me.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Mind is Weird

From last post's update::: we were able to safely determine that supposed Interac e-transfer was actually just a phishing scam. We're safe.

It's just a bit funny to think you are using the Law of Attraction, when in fact you just attracted a phishing scam. Huh.

Anyway::::: MY brain is being weird this evening.

I'm seriously right next to broke. I've got maybe a buck or two in my wallet, an empty bank account, and my credit card is very close to being max'd out (less than $20 available credit),

And for some reason my brain is just being a bit haywire this evening telling me that I'm "too rich", as if I shouldn't even think about trying to spend my upcoming AiSH payment.

It's like this::: I'm trying to plan my finances, and my brain just says any plan I make is garbage and that I'm basically too rich ---- even though right now I'm right next to broke.

And AiSH actually isn't too much money by itself --- so I really have to wonder about my brain, basically feeling hypnotized, into thinking I'm "too rich".

My Dad, who is very conservative, seems to think rich people are an essential part of society.

Yet today when I asked my Mom if she'd pray for me to make my million so I can pay for the family's dental health, she said "no".

Yup:::: Dad says rich people are essential, but my mom doesn't want ME to be rich.

It's absolutely useless.

It's like my own family works against my own success. My own family wants me to fail.

But in all seriousness::: this is probably true, because in our childhoods it was basically my own sister(s) who intentionally wanted to drive me insane.

I may have been a top student in school:::: but that didn't stop my sister from insisting on insulting my intelligence and calling me names all the time, trying to drive me mad.

Therefore::: it seems quite possible that my own family wants me to fail. They wanted me in the psychiatric hospital, and when I got better they wouldn't even support or help with my business.

Yes, it is absolutely useless.

Knowing what to do

I actually did this a few days ago, but didn't feel like posting until now:::

I managed to port my game Air Defence to Raspberry Pi so it works on the system. The only problem is that the colors get inverted just like with the first two games, so that's very difficult when dealing with Unity -- because I think I would need expensive Unity Pro to get color correction.

The good news is that I now know HOW to port my OUYA games to regular/normal Android TV --- so if/when I finally get a Shield, I'll have some idea of what I'll be doing.

But even without going into Google Play:::::

I have a friend who believes that I already have the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just like the bank seems to think I can afford a mortgage.

The bank offered me special savings of up to $500,000 --- lately, they've been thinking I could afford a Mortgage -------

and I have a special friend who thinks I could earn hundreds of thousands now too.

I just have to hope people start to actually like me, so I actually can get paid.

My life has been full of trouble from my childhood that spilled over into my early adulthood ----- but as I worked on OUYA games my psychiatric doctor said that my condition has improved a lot.

OUYA was awesome because it was like occupational therapy or something, and my brain, figuring out these programming problems, was able to heal.

Before OUYA:::: My brain was a disaster.

After OUYA:::: The doctor says I've significantly improved, and I can feel healing, especially as I now understand derivatives in Calculus ---- something my mind was previously too broken to do right.

Yeah, my life was in trouble for a long time ----- people in my childhood just had a way of mistreating me, even though I tried very hard to be a good student.

When I was a kid would have the dream where my teeth were all falling out --- all the time.

I since learned that the "teeth falling out" dream meant that you were not in control of your own life.

As a kid, I basically had to do what I was told by my parents::: and that meant being a Mormon, and the Mormons were telling me I had to do all sorts of things, including spending 2 years of my life has a missionary.

If I did anything "wrong", what I did was essentially my fight for freedom. Though under intense pressure to serve a mission::: I never did.

My childhood was not very enjoyable ---- so now as an adult choosing my own way, I just have to hope that people will start to see that I can be a good person.

Anyway:: someday I might have some games on Google Play, as I now have a better idea of how to port them.

I have a friend who believes I could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars -- just as the bank seems to believe.

As well as I need to hope people can see me as a good person::: my childhood was not great, and I had to fight to live my life the way I chose to rather than how a religion was telling me.

So, things are looking up. I just have to hope people can see me as a good person.

NOTE::::: Do NOT blame me for my family.  Though I am forced to live with these people, I am not responsible for their actions. I can in no way force or impose my will upon them.

I say that simply because I realize some members of my family don't quite jive with "expected standards". That's how I'll say it. It's not my fault. My fight for freedom was so I didn't have to be like the rest of my family.


So, I've been thinking positive, thinking about money coming in ------ and just now my Dad received an email that claims to be an interac e-transfer from the Canada Revenue Agency.

We are examining the message ----- I send my dad interac e-transfers all the time, so we are wondering why the message isn't quite the same kind of thing that my Dad gets from me at my bank.

Basically, just on guard about fraud again --- especially as my Dad was not expecting this.

I've basically been trying to use the Law of Attraction to make my money, so it's just interesting that my Dad would suddenly get an email like this.

It seems to happen along the lines of what the law of attraction would do ---- but my Dad is cautious, expectedly, because to him it doesn't quite make sense that this would happen or about the nature of the origins the email came from.

So::: just interesting:::: I use the law of attraction to attract wealth,

and now my Dad has rejected money from Jamaica, and is probably going to reject supposed money from the Canada Revenue Agency ---- because such things do seem kind of suspicious and if we're going to get paid --- we'd want it to be totally Legitimate.

But it's fun, to see a potential payment of that size being sent to him. :) :) :)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

What am I not fully aware of?

Last year my bank sent me a letter offering me a mortgage. Then, my bank account was near-empty. I tweeted them wondering what they knew that I didn't. They said they'd look into it.

Well, this morning they just sent me another email, offering me a mortgage --- this time my bank account IS empty.

Their special offer is for a mortgage of at least $250,000 ------- how much do they really think I can afford?

The Chinese Consulate hasn't phoned again.

And just yesterday I had begun giving up hope on being paid from Cortex.

What is a guy to do? Sit and wait patiently I suppose.

Interesting thing::: though I don't get to access the Discover part of Cortex anymore --- yesterday someone downloaded Doorless Darts again. Just a nice thing to mention.

I talked to my injections nurse yesterday, told him about how I plan on putting some of my games on Google Play ----- he basically questioned if I'm even allowed to do that.

No one has told me of any restrictions for me to publish, so hopefully, it will be OK.

I think his question of whether or not I'm allowed to publish likely stemmed from the fact that I'm being treated in a psychiatric clinic::::: and some patients are handicapped enough that they aren't legally allowed to control their own finances.  My brother once had a restriction on him where he wasn't allowed to go to the movies.

I'm not aware of any great restrictions on myself:::: in fact, a while ago my MLA's office specifically said it's totally allowed for me to publish video games.

So there you go.

So:::: what is the bank potentially aware of that I'm not fully aware of?

I've got an empty bank account:::: why would they keep on offering me mortgages when I am definitely too poor at this point? What are they aware of? Will I ever get paid?

I guess I just have to be patient.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This might explain yesterday's Panic and Paranoia

I'm not even sure I should mention this, except to say "something is going on" and "I got your phone call, but I didn't answer it because I was sleeping and my phone was on silent.".

How'd they get my cell number anyway?

Also::: my phone has been on "Do not disturb" for quite a while now, so it's very interesting that this call got past that:

This post is because today I discovered that I had received a phone call this morning from The Consulate-General of The People's Republic of China ----- from their VISA office.


I am so wishing I could just live in my hobbit hole right now.

So::: why would China phone?

Razer is Chinese I think.

Avril was an ambassador to China once.

Are they annoyed at my bitcoin donations on my website?

The VISA office?  Does this mean travel?

My mind has questions now. But my future-self receiving such a call may have been a psychic reason why I'd feel panic and anxiety yesterday.

Maybe it's just something to do with Razer.

I don't even feel scared now. I'm just wondering "why?"

And I would also wonder if I shouldn't discuss this on my blog. But maybe I should make it known. I don't know.

So yeah::: something has been going on.

Monday, January 15, 2018

A Decision has been made!

I'm going to start off this post by referencing my last post with the panic::: I took a paliperidone tablet and felt OK again for a little while. But part of the day I felt a definite anxiety or fear ---- like an irrational general paranoia for no understood cause or reason. I'm gonna need to see my doctor this Wednesday. I'm feeling better again now though.

I was definitely leaning towards the Raspberry Pi release on my own server. I asked my Dad if I should choose RPI or Google Play ---- he didn't make a decision saying it was my choice.

Then later I asked my Mom which of the two I should choose to release on:::::: My MOM actually showed some leadership this time actually!!!

My Mom basically just said::: choose the least expensive route.

I mean, that decision is so logical and makes sense in so many ways::: but my Dad didn't think of it and I had recently just been listening to The Beatles sing about how "money can't buy me love" ---- I wasn't trying to be concerned with money anymore.

But, my Mom showed that she has a brain, that she actually is a pretty decent thinker, trounced me and my Dad in the financial strategizing.

So:::: it's gonna be a bit, but I'll probably hopefully release at least some of my games on GOOGLE PLAY.

If Android TV already has a decent darts game, then we'll probably forget about Doorless Darts. Air Defence may or may not stay in the lineup.

So now I'm planning on purchasing an NVidia Shield to make sure my games work on the system, as well as to see what the environment is like and get a hang of Android-specific control protocols. I'll have to read up on Google Play's documentation about anything at all that may be a concern or important,

And I just have to hope that the rather crazy life I've lived in the past doesn't shut me down.

A nurse at the hospital a few times told me that I am actually a good person.

I am not considered a sociopath.

It's just that I might have reason to fear my social status or standing because I did go through a period of difficulty in my life.

From the news, we can see that treating a woman improperly can seriously mess up your reputation and social standing.

The only girls I ever crushed on were "my version of" the ballerina girl and Avril Lavigne --- so hopefully, there won't be any real big problems there,

but having grown up as a Mormon, and who knows what kind of social standing issues might pop up. I'm not even sure I should go into detail about that here. It's enough to say that the church is kind of backward and I could've messed up my life forever if I didn't figure out a better way.

And the last personal news is that in two weeks minus a few hours, I will FINALLY have my new tooth installed, and I can eat normally again, in two weeks. I'm just excited about that.

I feel panic

Maybe I'm just being mentally ill emotional about the future endeavors I'm looking at ---- but history says sometimes I feel things that represent occurrences in other places. It's kind of psychic.

I don't know if what I'm feeling is psychic or just a mental health issue about an approaching burden,

but I feel quite panicked right now.

Over the years of trying to sell product, I do realize from various sources that THOUSANDS, even maybe TENS OF THOUSANDS of my products have been distributed over time.

This blog, this website, now receives hundreds of daily visits.

And yet ----- no one ever says anything to me (usually) --- nearly all people won't or don't even pay me for anything, according to what I've supposedly been told.

And I have an idea to create my own website on my own web server ---- probably to host OUYA games or OUYA-like games for Raspberry Pi.

At first, I'd just do my own games, and maybe that's all it'll ever be ----

But hours ago I was looking at and a poster there said they had been working on an OUYA/Forge game and never got a chance to publish ----- so they were also considering the Raspberry Pi.

If things go according to plan, maybe I could help with that. maybe.

Funny thing is::: it was 6 or 7 days ago that I stated I was porting my games to RPI, and it was 6 or 7 days ago that this guy on OUYAFORUM said maybe he'd release on Raspberry Pi.

Coincidence? Or do I just have a better idea of who is watching this site?

One part of me wants to rush into setting up my own server ----- maybe this is where the panic comes from because I just finished paying for my dental implant surgery and setting up my own site will cost money. And maybe I feel I'm a bit in-over-my-head with this idea.

I calculate that if I were to switch to a business account in February that my ISP would charge me $140 in penalty for switching away from my current 2-year plan. That's not the greatest prospect. So maybe I should just take this slow and easy, as well to let my savings accumulate with each paycheque.

Or maybe people could actually try donating to me maybe? Is it too hard to send me some bitcoin?

But seriously:::: this website gets hundreds of daily hits ------ and no one ever donates, comments or writes an email. OK, I get the odd strange email, but that's not necessarily because of this site or OUYA.

Just all these visitors, but no one ever really interacts with me, so I have to guess what you people may be thinking.

I do have a bit of a paranoid mind ---- my childhood was painful enough that I can easily start suspecting that people don't like me or that I'm in some kind of trouble.

Feedback would be nice, preferably nice and positive feedback.

Otherwise, I'll be seeing all these visits, no one says anything, and I might get a little scared or paranoid.

It's supposed to be a good thing when people visit your website ----- but seriously, my life was full of trouble all those years ago, and I'm aware of many distributions with little to no payment. I just have to wonder you know?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Payment When?

Since before Christmas the voices in my head were basically telling me that I could finally make my money "any day now".

Cortex said, when they approved my final update for a game, that I would have to meet the $150 threshold before they would pay me for my games. My sales, for the past year, have stagnated at just a bit over $100.

With the seeming recent closure of "Discover" on Cortex, it seems unlikely that I'll ever make that $150 threshold.

So were the voices in my head telling me the truth?

There was one other option for what the voices may have been referring to::: after hearing those initial voices, late last year I was sent a document that said I could take part in a class action lawsuit against one company that I was once invested in on the stock market.

However, I decided not to go that route because my part of that class action lawsuit would be minimal. I wouldn't think what I'd get from it would be worth much. Besides, that investment still turned out very well for me anyway, why would I sue when my own part of it turned out OK? Hah.

It's because of wise stock market trading that I was finally able to pay down my debt so much. And as for yesterday's money question:: I'm leaning towards just obliterating my debts altogether with my next paycheque.

But anyway::: back to the main part of this post:::

If Razer won't pay me until I reach the $150 threshold, but the Discover store has closed then this is VERY UNLIKELY to happen and I can still only wonder if those voices in my head may have been telling me the truth ---- that a payment may eventually arrive.

It would be a pity if I never meet the threshold and NEVER get paid. I'm not likely to meet the threshold now, so I can only imagine that a payment will someday come.

Over time, I saw perhaps some evidence that Reports were not 100% correct, so who knows how much I might actually get paid. It would be very interesting if they didn't tell me things, and only told me about it after it was all said and done.

That thought would make me feel very hopeful.

Or, they might just pay me what's on the report, or nothing at all. Who knows.

But the voices said the money is coming. Sooner rather than later the voices seem to say.

I say this about voices from the position of having been considered schizophrenic for a long time ---- but enough evidence and personal experience has been gained to know that sometimes things I hear alone in my mind DO COME TRUE. VERY REALLY.

I should not know about any coming payments from any of the regular 5 senses --- it's just these thoughts appearing in my head that seem to indicate money is coming.

I recently had a dream where I was very wealthy.

I had a dream a while back I can still remember where I was quite wealthy.

There's only one problem dreams and voices indicate about me acquiring wealth::: for some reason the thoughts in my head and a dream I once had basically said my historically very mentally ill brother might not react well with me getting rich. That's the biggest concern,

as well as concerns about how accurate reports ever are.

But, as of the past few months, my brother does seem to be getting better, with treatment. We'll see.

So there you go.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Decisions to be made

This afternoon when I logged into the Cortex Store on my Forge TV, the "Discover" section of the store was not functional.

Maybe it'll come back, maybe it won't ------ but I already feel like I've lost a good friend. Almost brought me to tears.

The last of my games to be downloaded was Doorless Darts --- I think it was on the 7th of January 2018 that someone downloaded it.  It's been well over a year since my last reported purchase.

Anyway, I've got decisions to make.

I can feel an urge to continue the life of my video game products ---- but how shall I do this?

Should I just set up my own server and let hobbyists play my games on Raspberry Pi?

Or should I release on Google Play?

Even just thinking about having to choose between these two choices feels like too much to handle right now. Anyone have any suggestions? Leave a comment maybe.

Right now my bank account is empty. I'm in a bit of debt to another bank and my mom.

I think I can survive until my next paycheque ----- but with that paycheque, what should I do?

This is a problem my mind often thinks about - sometimes the answers are easy ---- but there are so many options of things I could do, and again it may feel difficult to make a decision.

I have a portion of funding I have in question.

Should I reinvest in my work and buy another android tv device to help with development for Google Play?

Should I save/invest for future concerns?

Should I donate it to charity?

Or should I just buy something nice for myself?

When I spoke to God ---- He seemed to think I should help someone in need. I'm serious.

Can you imagine being God? Looking the charity information out there are and it's clear to see that there are a LOT of people in need of help, and there always seems to be more help needed than I can provide ------ God must see it this way too, so maybe that's why his directions would be "sell all that you have and give to the poor" ------ many people need help, and Jesus just told us all to help each other in an extreme way even in his teachings 2000 years ago. It's like he knew what to expect.

But when I think rationally about keeping my options open and keeping myself in good condition, I figure I should just invest the money in a non-Redeemable GIC for a year.

I recently gave $100CAD worth of Bitcoin to charity.  And that's not enough to fix the whole world. God said Charity needs more help.

And I'm wondering about my own future and my family's future. shouldn't I save/invest for my own good?

So many decisions and I'm not sure what to think.

There are so many good choices to make, and limited resources with which to make them.

I just realized that I could just cut that money in half and give one half to charity and put the other half in investment. That seems like the easiest cop-out answer to the question of what to do.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Just A Bit Interesting

Yeah, I heard the news a few days ago actually from my Grandparents::: President Thomas S. Monson of the LDS Mormon church passed away.

No, I did not pray for this.

What's interesting is this::::

On Winter Solstice before his death, I met a man who had a car accident, and he said he lost 3 of his children in this car accident.

He listed the names of 4 of his children --- I recognized 2 of the names being shared with "Famous People".

I went home and looked up car accident news online ---- I found no news story about this guy's accident, but I did find front page news that said the LDS church had been baptizing people they weren't supposed to: including celebrities.

I suspected the man I met as Jesus, but later put that thought aside citing delusions of Grandeur.

And after Christmas, just after New Year's Day --- President Monson died.

I was just looking at an article on from President Monson's daughter:

In the article, she says that about 50 years ago Monson met a man in Australia.

25 years later he met the same man in my homeland of Alberta Canada, and remembered him.

This is just a bit spooky to me.


Not only did I meet the potential apparition of Jesus before Monson died,

But I remember the first time I met Jesus too -----

I didn't mention this story in my book, but in autumn of 2001 I met Jesus as I was walking home from school --- I suspect the man was Jesus because he was a bit glorified, as well as he KNEW me.

How did he know me?  He spoke with an Australian accent (Jesus can drastically change his appearance and all that I think), which is important to note because in my immaturity at that age I was a bit obsessed with Australia.

There are other ways I know this "first meeting" person knew me ----- Jesus had taken aspects of my personality and life and was BEING a magnified version of myself, kind of, for lack of a better word.

Anyway::: I met a car accident victim who I suspected was actually Jesus on the Winter Solstice, then after New Year's Day the LDS Prophet was dead,

and then his daughter printed a story involving Australia and Alberta -----

And yes, I do see how that directly points at me.

I had given up on the church a long time ago. What's going to happen now?

I drink coffee and tea now ---- isn't that still unacceptable to the Mormons?

There was a tme when I was totally "GUNG HO" to serve in the Mormon church. Things went wrong.

And now with the passing of President Monson, the daughter's comments and a supposed holy apparition have reminded me that I am remembered.

Yes --- it is too bad that things went so wrong between me and the church. There are some good things about Mormonism ----- but the local Mormons I was dealing with weren't very helpful or nice.

One thing I distinctly remember is that I stopped wishing ill upon the Mormons::: I gave up on them, but I more or less stopped cursing them. I never prayed for harm to come to Monson.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2 Games Run on RPI

After hours of developing ports, I have managed to successfully port my games Pfhonge and The Inter-Continental Brink of Madness to Raspberry Pi 3.

Pfhonge runs great.

ICBM runs great - only two minor bugs:

1) Status Messages at the bottom of the screen like to change from the color they are supposed to be to white. It's not a super big deal, but it's a small issue I haven't found a fix for yet. I'd have to go through a lot of source code to have a chance of finding the problem.

2) DPad on the Serval Controller doesn't do much in the game. I don't know why --- one thing I do know is the DPad wouldn't work in this same game on Forge TV when I was developing for that system --- so I'm guessing it might be a hardware bug that prevents the DPad on the serval from operating properly in ICBM on RPI. PS3 controllers work fine though.

So, the games are playable.

It's kind of a tedious and time-consuming process to do this.

Especially when you find out that for some reason Android TV on your Pi has reverted back to an older development build of the game for who knows why.

I know it doesn't make sense ---- but at points in development I did discover that the Pi or the OS was a bit finicky, and I had to reboot the pi and uninstall the game a number of times to get sure it was WYSIWYG.

It was just weird how old code would run in a build that was supposed to be new.

Very strange.

But I've done it now, so that's good.

The next game I might try to port over might be Air Defence. We'll see.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Porting My Games to Raspberry Pi

With the sunsetting of the Cortex Store, I figured I wanted a way or place where I could continue to play my games even without a Forge TV.

Maybe I could move over to the NVidia Shield -- or some other Android TV Box -- but it was made abundantly clear to me by "the government" a few years ago that I'm just "a hobbyist" ----

Therefore, for the sake of fun and lack of expense, I have decided to try porting my games to a Raspberry Pi platform.

I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B --- the most recent version.

Pfhonge works. The colors were inverted, but if you press "Y" in the RPI version that inverts the colors back to normal.

I am currently working on porting ICBM over. Because of color inversion problems and large image sizes, I had to reduce image sizes so inverting their colors would be less process-intensive because the RPI is pretty slow. So, ICBM will see a decrease in graphical quality --- not that the game was very graphical anyway.

Still working on ICBM though --- there are a number of bugs or issues to sort through, over time.

And my Unity games --- I haven't touched them, I haven't tried them yet. Hopefully, it works out.

So, I was thinking maybe someday I'd get a business internet connection and set up my own server to distribute my website and my games --- because I know it's useless for me to try to sell anything.

My current internet plan expires this July I think, so it's going to be a while --- so maybe in that time, I'll manage to fix up all my games for a new release platform (RPI).

And I might as well make my own server serve that excellence website too. I haven't forgotten about that.

This is only IF I manage to be able to have a business connection --- factors such as my parents are also involved.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Pinball Arcade Updated on Cortex in January 2018?

I looked at my dev portal: there is still a button on the Games tab that allows me to "Clone this version" (make an update).

I looked at the recently released games on ---- Pinball Arcade was updated in January 2018.

This goes against the forecasted sunsetting of the store that Razer told me about in an email from December 15th, 2017.

The email said one thing. Now, something different appears to have happened --- unless of course Pinball Arcade submitted the update in 2017, and waited until 2018 to publish.

But, as far as I am concerned at this point anyways --- all my games are done. They all work, more or less, as they should.

The one game with the most "bugs" would likely be Coconuts versus Bananas ----- but those bugs are mostly caused by the game being very resource intensive and the Forge TV not having the clock speed to handle it I think. Not sure how to fix that. But I still have fun with it when I have a rare opportunity to play.

I thought about what I was going to do with my games once Cortex is gone ---- I was hoping I could install Android TV on a Raspberry Pi and try to play them on that system --- I even bought documentation to help me configure the game so it doesn't need the OUYA SDK.

So far, I can't get Android TV to run on my Raspberry Pi.

I'd also thought about how I didn't really make my money.

And it occurs to me that there are reasons why I didn't make money.

There are many possible reasons why I've never been paid for books or Cortex, but here's one example:::

I am an author and small-time indie game developer.  How much is my work really worth?

While my Mom's a nurse, and my brother-in-laws are a carpenter and police officer.

My job, through sales, had the potential to make A LOT of money.

But is my job ACTUALLY WORTH more in value than the jobs of my family members?

It would be awfully cracked if I do a nearly-useless job and then make more money than essential services.

I mean, that's how our society seems to operate sometimes ------ but in all seriousness, as a kid in school, I had the brain to realize that certain jobs are more valuable than others even if they aren't paid as much.

So though I had the potential to make a lot of money doing what I did, maybe there is just some kind of cosmic or societal reason why I didn't make money ---- including that my job doesn't have the same or more value than members of my family who are in more essential services.

And that is only one way I can look at why I don't make my mint.

Of course::: there is a small problem with the above statement:::: Even though my job may not be the same or better value that other family members and therefore shouldn't be paid more:::::

My actual work gets paid very little to nothing,

While I make most of my money from pretty much doing dick-all.

That's right::: society values me doing NOTHING more than they value me trying to entertain people.

And that leads to another line of thought:::::

Society also seems to value Disabled people more than Good Students.

Why do I say this?

I used to be a real good student::: I was one of the best:::: but rather than reward me for my good work effort and learning ability, I more or less got treated like shit instead.

Then I became disabled.

And then I get all kinds of benefits from the government for my disability ---- while actually DOING something as a student was not rewarded, and in fact you have to PAY to be a student, and then get treated like shit.

The system is still kind of pretty much cracked actually.

Yes -- the system is cracked.

So yeah, there were supposed to be no new Cortex games or updates in the new year --- and boom::: Pinball Arcade gets a January 2018 update --- so who knows.


After a day of tinkering or maybe even hacking, I managed to install a version of Android TV on my Raspberry Pi 3, get it to boot up, and after major source code alterations, I've got a more-or-less working version of Pfhonge running. On Raspberry Pi. Yay.

The biggest problem is probably just how the colors are inverted. Red is blue and blue is red. Who knows why, but I can think of a way to "fix" this. maybe. In a sense.

I'll have to dig deeper into a boot config file to get the screen resolution I want,

and I have to figure out how to switch between activities without crashing --- which was actually a big part of the work on Cortex, MOJO, and OUYA.

But yeah -- it's a playable version of Pfhonge on hobby device. Yippee.

Pfhonge was probably my favorite game on Cortex, or Android TV for that matter. It was something I could easily and simply do by myself.

So, having accomplished this much in a day -- I am happy.