Saturday, December 23, 2017

Want Nothing

So, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Santa is coming. Time for gifts to be given and received.

There is a seeming cosmic reality I want to point out with examples from my own life:

You get what you don't want, you don't get what you want.

Why do I say this?

What did I really, really want for Christmas or birthdays as a kid? I want an iMac, I want a Power Mac, I want a Nintendo.

Did I ever get those things? Nope.

I never managed to get a game console in my home until my brother asked me if I wanted one: at that time I said "no" and then boom: new Xbox.

As a kid, I would say I wanted to be rich, but not famous.

So what happened?

I was very poor for a very long time. And as I grew up fame was thrust upon me like you wouldn't know. Without wanting it, it happened very easy, while if it's something I actually did want, it wouldn't happen, or took a very, very long time to happen.

In 2004 I wanted my friendship with Avril Lavigne to be recognized. Didn't happen, and only minutely happened after a long time.

I didn't want drugs, and I wasn't interested in money much at that time --- but what they gave me were an endless supply of medication and an assured income.

These days, I've wanted a genuine sales report with lots of reported sales.

Not happening.

I didn't want women. I gave up on women.

But I get all these emails that supposedly come from interested women. I didn't want them, but they've flocked into my email box.

I wanted sales --- but I don't get to see them.

The point is::: You get what you don't want, while you don't really get what you do want.

You might instantaneously start getting things in droves that you never wanted, while the things you did want are in very short supply.

I think the spiritual significance of this phenomenon I once heard was that to want something is just a statement of what you do not have. You say you want it, which means you don't have it, and then you don't get it.

I think the answer this year, and maybe for all our lives, is to want nothing. If you want nothing, then you have everything.

Merry Christmas!

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