Thursday, December 14, 2017


I haven't written anything for about a week now --- I was kind of wondering if I should just quit blogging, either forever or for a while.  But I sensed it in my soul that maybe some of my readers were anxious to read a new story, so here's what's going on with me:

The hash rate of the bitcoin network is pretty high right now ---- but I decided to make a rather big purchase with bitcoin yesterday morning, I paid over $1CAD of value in the transaction fee ---- and a day plus several hours later, the first confirmation still has not been achieved.

And yes --- I told my bitcoin client (bitcoin core) to give me the 20-minute transaction fee, the highest transaction fee. So there must be a problem.

In more personal financial news ----- I keep hearing in my mind, using that telepathy thing, that I will be rich. God seems certain I will finally make my mint some day.

I'm poorer now than I was 6 months ago, so we'll see, I guess.

I was wondering if my lottery subscription was going to win last night --- but no, it didn't. The voice wasn't referring to that apparently.

With all the visits to this website, I wonder how nobody answered my blog poll, how I don't see sales reported.

Equifax has made me aware that most Canadians have excellent credit, which fits perfectly in line with other news stories that Canadians are basically drowning in debt.

Canadians are basically drowning in money, but apparently they "wouldn't" just pay me for my books, despite how I set the prices really low.

I suppose it's imaginable that someone or some people just don't like me, as I've said before ---- and that's actually really nothing new since I was basically disliked by my own siblings since a very early age ---- and it continued consistently in most places throughout my life.

In so many places in life, at home, at school, at church, on the internet ------ people have tended to treat me pretty poorly. I write the book about my life, and now I'm not getting paid for it. Huh.

The only sane place where I seem to find friendship and acceptance is the psychiatric hospital.

Things are improving at home, although not perfect ----- I might have not wanted psychiatry for a long time initially, but it turned out psychiatry is a real lifeline, a lifesaver.

Mormons claim that LDS bishops are the most expert psychologists ---- I think most people by now would disagree with that (I think that's another one of Kimball's statements).

So::: voices in my head indicate I'll be rich, but my life has been such heck for a long time that writing the book about my life wasn't even going to get paid apparently.

I dunno --- we'll see, a while back, months ago, I earlier referred before to those voices I heard telling me I will be rich. Back then I didn't know why or how it would happen.  But now I think I have a better guess of how maybe if I invest well enough.

So, for the past week, I felt like giving up on this blog ---- but I felt an urge to update you guys.

I guess this post just reaffirms the whole point of my initial venture::: to make money. Voices say it will happen, but my life was so messed up, I apparently can't even be paid for my book. So there you go.

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