Monday, December 4, 2017

Thank Goodness for Anti-Psychotics

A pattern developed in my life, where on the Saturday directly before my Wednesday Injection (every 3 weeks) I would start feeling very good, or very happy, a mania of sorts.

I now have 3mg Paliperidone XR tablets to deal with that.

Before the last injection, it was a depression instead of a mania.

So::: what about this time?

Last Saturday I felt just fine. No need to take a tablet.  Sunday I felt fine --- no need for a tablet.

But Monday Morning --- woah ----- it wasn't a depression or a mania ------- I just suddenly started feeling insecure, not calm and confident --- but insecure, like the paranoia maybe of paranoid schizophrenia.

Just a few moments ago I realized I could take a tablet. So I did. And now I feel better.

Thank goodness for Paliperidone.

I was originally diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia ---- but one of the suspected initial diagnosis was bipolar -------- so it's quite possible that I'm actually just a combination of schizophrenic with bipolar::::: in my understanding that's called Schizoaffective Disorder.


I bought some gift-wrap boxes for some gifts. I have bagged gifts already wrapped. I just didn't feel like wrapping paper this season ----- some gifts might be handed out plain with no decoration actually.

But, I am excited about the coming holiday ----- I already feel good to hand out the gifts I'm planning to give.

And in about two weeks I'm going to make my final payment for my dental implant. Then I'll get the new tooth in January --- which will be so much fun.  Bills aren't going to be a problem in that regard. --and I will be able to chew "normally" again!


I'm not a psychologist ----- but I suspect that me just telling good and happy stories might actually cause some people to feel depressed while talking about problems like difficulties with Mormonism might actually serve to psychologically comfort people burdened with the Mormon experiences.

That's just my guess. I want to do and say good and happy things, but I have some suspicion such might bring some people down, while talking about problems might help someone feel better.

Different people react differently to different kinds of information I guess. And I'm not a psychologist, so maybe I'm wrong ---- but this is my hypothesis about how some people will react to good versus bad stories.

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