Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tax Free Apparently

Where I live, here in Alberta, the only sales tax we pay is a 5% Federal Goods and Services Tax.

What I'm about to say sounds too good to be true, except it is true, and I've noticed it twice now.

I just came home from a bit of shopping --- I bought another Christmas Gift.

And the store I bought the gift from didn't charge me GST --- in fact, they removed the 5% GST plus an additional 5% from the price of the item I bought. Saved me $0.80 --- which is actually pretty decent savings, when you consider that if I had been honestly paid for my ebooks, one royalty might be worth $0.35.

There was another time I bought something else from the same store, and there also I noticed the taxes had been removed from the total. Even then that thought blew my mind.

Considering all the visits this website receives, and how little I've ever been paid for any of my work ----- I begin to wonder if I receive compensation for my efforts though little discounts like this. It just becomes a suspicion.

I was trying to think of something to write about, but nothing really seemed worthwhile ---- until I saw my tax savings + 5% more off.  It's odd. And a happy thought.

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