Friday, December 15, 2017

"Sunsetting" the Cortex Store

In recent posts, I made mention of this idea I was feeling that I was finally going to be paid --- perhaps sooner than later.

I was probably right::: just moments ago I received an email from Razer telling me that there will be no new game submissions permitted in 2018, as the Cortex Store is getting "sunsetted".

A Rite from the Stars?  The game will come out soon, before the end of the year.

And so will "Super Roman Conquest" ---- a game that I personally supported on Kickstarter.

So ---- seeing as how Cortex is winding down, I can only assume my telepathy was right and Razer will eventually pay me for my sales. I can only hope.

Cortex and OUYA was A LOT OF FUN. And I wish I could have played these games so much more than I did ---- the problem for me was I was often playing alone, by myself, and nobody else had the time or ability to enjoy gaming with me. My Dad couldn't even sit through a full Bananatree game most of the time, and "most" means "not very many games played total".

It was great fun. I'm kind of sad to see this part of life ending.

OH ----- there is ONE last bug in one of my games --- ICBM ----- but there is a workaround. I don't feel like fixing it I don't think because the workaround is awesome-effective.

If you use up all 3 game saves in ICBM, and restart the game ---- all three game saves are still used up.

Just restart your Forge. Go into the settings or whatever and just do a software restart/reboot.  After it's rebooted, ICBM saves will be good to go again.


I'm still waiting for my big bitcoin purchase to be transacted. The anticipation is killing me. I had a bit of a rude analogy for this situation, which I will not mention further.

I even tried to appease the Gods by sending a donation to charity with a decent transaction fee. Didn't work.

The lesson is::::: always use "Replace-by-fee" in bitcoin core, or whatever client you are using. This will allow you to increase your transaction fee after payment is submitted to try to get you settled long before 4 days are over.


but yeah ----- just weird how I could sense payment coming, how I felt like quitting my blog for a week, and shortly afterward we hear Cortex is sunsetting. When all is said and done, they'll probably pay me. Just like I expected. Telepathy is so cool.

How much will I be paid? If you trust the dev portal, it might be a bit over 100USD ----- but in my time visiting the dev portal, especially later, I found it likely wasn't reporting everything very accurately.  Who knows what the truth is.

I know this because my brother in law bought a game from me, downloaded it, and his download was never reported.

And in the early days of Cortex, I thought I would retire from game development --- only to come back with more ideas. But -- during the retirement time, NOTHING was reported to me --- so something probably just wasn't being reported.

Not to mention all those distributed copies of Coconuts versus Bananas, while I only actually sold like one or two copies of that game. Who knows.

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