Thursday, December 7, 2017

Oddity -- A Forge TV Mystery

I might have just found a clue of something.

For a while, when Cortex was still active, you could log in to the store and they'd have a free game download available --- a free entitlement.

Nothing has happened on Cortex for a while---- according to what the internet tells me, in my face,

But today I logged into Cortex on my Forge.

I looked around, nothing had changed, it was stagnant.

I played some games (my own games actually) --- and I actually still have fun playing my own games on this system.

But something unexpected happened.

I checked my email on my phone. New Email.

It was from the Razer Game Store. They said I purchased a game.


Luckily, my card won't be charged, $0.00 entitlement.

But here's the thing::::

There is no such game on Cortex on Forge.

I checked again --- there was no such game.

I obviously don't see everything that I should.

Either this is some kind of easter egg ----- or some kind of computer hack has been set up for me to make me think I'm not making any money and that all my work is dead.

Either there is more going on than my system tells me there is ------- or this is just some kind of easter egg.

How did I get an entitlement for a game that doesn't exist?

What is going on here?

What is my computer or my internet hiding from me?

Who is going to such lengths to make me think it's all over?

Yeah --- this is a mystery.  It was a surprise, a nice surprise --- as if there is something more going on.

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