Friday, December 22, 2017

Nurse Says About 200 Car Accidents

I just deleted the 5 latest posts on this blog.

They were on a timeline where I was having a likely delusion where I thought I had met Jesus Christ.

Here's what happened as far as I can tell now:::

My Mom, who works as a nurse at a hospital, said they must've gotten at least 200 car accidents so far.

Most of those car accidents, obviously, are not reported as individual stories in the news.

I thought I had just met Jesus because there was no news story of this man's accident.

But chances are he just had a really big, really bad accident. And is comparable to Jesus because of how bad the situation is.

So yesterday, I bought lunch for a man who got really messed up in a car accident from a few days ago, he was really messed up and obviously still shaken by what happened.

He lost 3 family members.

I didn't know what to do except buy lunch for him because that's what he needed at that time.

So, this has been a very tragic holiday season for at least one family.

Before meeting this man, I had taken an antipsychotic pill to deal with potential delusions of grandeur I may have been having.


In my news-research of recent car crash stories online, looking to see if I could find a story about the man I met, I came across a news story from August.

In the August car accident news story ---- well,

the story basically said that Blaine Bananatree and I died while I was on vacation this year in a car crash. $108k was raised to help the family.

I know that seems really disrespectful to put my name in place of the person who "actually died"--- except:::

The names of the people who died were, in fact, "Blen" and "Christian".

They died near Hanna in August.

Guess what? I was vacationing near Hanna in August too.

So::: there's more to it than just that, it's enough to say there's enough comparability between this news story and my own life to make me think that I was just killed off in the newspapers.

The coincidences are too strong.  Chances of that story actually being "fake news" are quite high as far as I'm concerned because if the story had been 100% truthful, it would likely clearly be about me.

I've seen this happen before too ---- I once saw a news story that so closely resembled my father that I could only think it was news about my Dad without directly naming him.

There's a chance they write fake news about real people and real things, but they change elements of the story.

It's happened to my Dad, and it's now noted to have happened to me too.

Here's the thing:::: In my Dad's news story --- he made a tonne of money with a successful business.

In my news story:::: my Dad made a tonne of money from GoFundMe donations.

Though the two news stories were about two different things, they both related to my family, and they both said my Dad made a tonne of money.

Considering how my Dad was in line to get my payments from Razer --- well there you go.

So, maybe I will be rich some day. I can hope.

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