Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Now this is strange

Yesterday my family and my sister's family went out and retrieved our Christmas Trees from the forest.

I also just made my final payment to the dentist for my implant.

And I found a nice big sack to carry gifts in for Christmas so I can be a bit more like Santa Claus. (I bought the sack at a store).

At midnight, I didn't feel like sleeping anymore, so I played with my PS4.  I have recently bought a new video game.  One thing I note:::: it definitely seems like, somehow, cheating is a problem in multiplayer games. There's this one guy I, in the video game, shot repeatedly with heavy weapons at close-range in the head, and he never went down. Cheaters maybe? It's really too bad.

Anyway ----- I went back to bed. I still couldn't sleep. So I came back to the living room and kitchen for a snack.

But something is strange.

My Mom's footstool is out of place. When I was playing the video game, the footstool was in a different location:::: and there's no reason it should have moved.

A chair in the kitchen is overturned and laying on the floor, but not broken. No reason that chair should be that way.

And, next to my dining table chair, I found a piece of bread sitting on the floor, with the crusts cut off in the shape of a circle --- like a bread cookie.

This makes no sense at all. It definitely seems fantastical what I'm saying, but it's the absolute truth --- between midnight video games and an early morning snack, something strange has happened.

The only other person who was up was my brother. He is mentally ill, but he's getting better ---- so I see no reason why he should have or would have done these things.

The video game acted weird, I go back to bed, back up again, and things are out of place in the house.

It really makes a guy think of Santa Claus visiting when you see stuff like this going on.

But the only non-magical explanation is that it was my brother being crazy, which doesn't even seem likely because he's been doing a lot better.

Is my brother pulling a prank?

This really doesn't make any sense. Who did this? Why?

My mind is boggled right now.

And I know it seems like a very far-fetched story, but this is absolutely true.

The clues just don't add up.

OK --- they do add up ----- but only to say that Santa came for a pre-Christmas visit, which doesn't make sense.

The footstool should never have moved. My brother wouldn't likely have moved it.

That chair has no reason to be overturned.

And I am absolutely clueless about why there was a piece of bread on the floor with the crusts cut off.

Makes absolutely zero sense.

But, anyway,

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone.

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