Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My Final Cortex Store Update is Published

The Inter-Continental Brink of Madness (v1.6.0) is now published and available in the Cortex Store on Forge TV.

Cortex informed me a little while ago that there will be no new games or updates in the new year --- the store is being "sunsetted".

It was a lot of fun to be a Cortex/OUYA developer, and it was great to be a low-cost gamer.

If I didn't make a tonne of money on the system, at least I saved a tonne of money by playing games on that system. Yay.

In my submission of this update, I asked about finally getting paid my first cheque which would be worth over $100.

Their short response in their approval basically said they'll send me a cheque when I reach the $150 threshold.

SO: Maybe I won't make my money after all. Oh well.

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