Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How the Party Went

In my last post before Christmas, I said "want nothing" as a way of having everything.

When I was asked by my parents what I wanted for Christmas before Christmas, I said I needed a sweater to get me through the cold winter, and an Apple Store Gift Card to replace the battery in my iPhone.

That's all I asked for.

And then I later wrote a post that said, "want nothing".

Last year, in 2016, the best gift I remember receiving was a Java Jig and some Coffee ---- but I had to buy the Keurig myself with my Christmas money. To be honest: last year wasn't the greatest.

This year, 2017, was really good, however.

I got a sweater and two long sleeve shirts.

I got cash instead of a gift card.

I got a new fridge.

I got whole bean coffee with a new grinder.

I got lots of treats.

Anyway:::: I don't know if this was just magical, a coincidence, or what, but last year's Christmas' most memorable gift was actually pretty cheap and I had to buy the Keurig that goes with it myself:::

While this year was AWESOME.

All after I said, "Want Nothing".

Maybe I shouldn't be drawing a comparison between wanting nothing and getting all this great stuff --- but this year was way, way better than last year.

The Christmas Eve party was awesome and is also where I handed out a number of quite awesome gifts. This year was also a really good year for me gift-giving. Everyone enjoyed what I had to hand out.

Christmas was more subdued, as a lot of energy had already been spent. Then, I made a mistake and something I said came out the wrong way, so it seemed like a not-nice thing I had said.

I quickly apologized, especially as I didn't quite manage to explain exactly what I was trying to say.

My Mom wasn't happy with me about that, and she wanted me to apologize again, but I think my apology at the time was good enough --- especially as what I meant to say wasn't actually a bad thing.

It's also questionable how bad what I said really was, it just must've sounded kind of wrong.

So, I guess I'll just say "Sorry" to my carpenter brother-in-law right here: Sorry for that slip of the tongue! I actually meant to say something with different meaning, although similarly related.

So yeah, there you go::: I gave awesome gifts this year, I got awesome gifts, and we wanted for nothing.

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