Friday, November 17, 2017

Youtube knows my personality type??

Maybe all the visits to my blog I see are from Universities or Google or someone like that studying me - because, well, the only other alternate explanations don't sound as realistic.

Several weeks ago I did a personality test online.

There are two major explanations for how Youtube knows my personality::: Either they lifted the results from that website, or they've analyzed me with what they have about me and were able to draw a conclusion.

Whatever the case is:::: Youtube tells me I'm the same personality that the personality test said I was.

So, I am an INFJ.

Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging.

Apparently, it is also the rarest personality type, with less than 2% of the population identifying this way.

Want to know something weird?

In Grade 11, before I went insane ----- I actually tested then and had a very different personality at that time.

My insanity seems to have caused a change in my brain or something where I actually am definitely no the same person I used to be.

My personality used to be ISTP --- Or rather, Introverted, Sensing, Thinking --- and perceiving.

One major difference between my experience as an ISTP and as an INFJ is this:::

As an ISTP I was very comfortable with being Mormon, or at least I was still analyzing the church at that time and was trying to live it as I could.

As an INFJ, apparently, one key part of my personality is a need for truth and authenticity ----- and I didn't find that in Mormonism so I've kicked them to the curb.

That's a big major difference.

So:::: It's just interesting that Youtube somehow managed to figure out my personality type because their interpretation of who I am is the same as that online personality test I took not too long ago.

Another thing I will mention is that as an ISTP or an INFJ --- when I got my personality result and read about myself, things seemed to be as they should be - although, I actually had a way of disliking myself more when I was an ISTP. I had "low self-esteem" in my days as an ISTP --- but I thought my personality "made sense".

Who knows.

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