Monday, November 20, 2017

The past was Dismal, look to a future of excellence

I am actually quite impressed with my family.

Is my family perfect? No --- but there are 6 of us, and only 2 are ADD --- which means that most of us aren't ADD --- so that's good.

I'm really enjoying my brother these days --- he and I went through some serious crap in life, but I can almost think we might be beginning to pull it together now.

My good sister has always been pretty awesome, so that's just great.

Attention Deficit Disorder is called a Disorder because it is disorderly and unhelpful. That's what I've understood at least.

So, most of us are actually OK --- the worst parts of my family are because of some kind of psychological problem that maybe they can't take control of very well - so maybe things are OK now.

Anyway::::: When I think about my past, it is glaring in my face how absolutely defective it was in so many ways: not just in my home, but also at school and elsewhere.

So::::: I'm starting to wonder if someday I should create a website, or convert this website, into some kind of informational resource about BEING EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER.

To promote cooperation, love, and peace, and to help try to escape from a past of seriously defective problems.

I guess you could say my idea is quasi-spiritual because just releasing thoughts of Excellence, peace, and love into the world might actually have an effect of improving the world's situation.

Before I can start such a website, I would need to get my budget in order, I might or probably would want to get a business internet connection rather than a personal or residential connection and I might want to make sure my "philosophy" makes sense, because if I started saying all kinds of stuff and in the end it's got problems, that wouldn't be good.

I might still have a blog on the site, but that wouldn't be the main purpose of the site.

So, my website might change someday.

This might just be a "pipe dream" ---- but it's the best thing I could think of doing with my time. It's like my next step in life, if I can manage to pull it off.

When I think about the past, I see all kinds of defection.

But when I live in the present and hope for the future, I feel or sense excellence and goodness --- so having a website that concentrates on good things now rather than a series of poor experiences might actually be a good thing.

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