Friday, November 17, 2017

Supremacy of God is Constitutional

So:: I mentioned a while ago there was a French phonecall for me --- I should mention the caller made sure my caller ID had no idea who they were.

Now, furthermore, I'm getting these phone calls from 44-703 numbers ----- I looked up this country/area code online and learned it could be anyone calling from anywhere in the world --- and such numbers are typically used by scammers.

Furthermore, one of these 44-703 numbers that called left a message where they were calling my name.

Should I be disturbed?  To me, this doesn't seem right.

I didn't even make a fortune and I'm already getting the "crap calls". (I call it a crap call because of the high perceived likelihood it's something I don't want).

Look, I didn't make much money doing what I did --- I didn't charge very much, and most people chose to just not pay me anything at all -----

Therefore it would be a very big shame if someone was calling to hurt me even more beyond all the regular stuff.

I'll say this::::

I think there is some legal allowance in my country for self-defense but even worse than that:


Canada's constitution operates with two main factors: The Rule of Law, and Supremacy of God.

Note how the Supremacy of God is not factored in under "rule of law" ---- that's right, God is Supreme, and He operates on a different legal standing than regular human mortal laws.

That basically means that in Canada, God can do whatever He wants, and it's perfectly legal. Like, he can do ANYTHING he wants ---- and the government has no problems with Him legally for it.

So, I will just note the concept of KARMA now:::::

Karma means the following, in a basic nutshell::::

If you do good things for others, then God or the Universe will do good things or you.

If you do bad things to others, then God or the Universe will do BAD things to you.

And you know how they say "Karma is a bitch" right?

Part of spirituality in Canada is "Freedom of Religion" --- I can have my religion with God, however, I want it to be ------

So, keeping in mind my legal ability to defend myself, Karma, God's legal constitutional supremacy and the fact I don't want any crap phone calls ------ I would advise caution in trying to deal with me harmfully, especially when so many people have already wronged me in so many ways.

Yes::: this is a warning to scammers and people who would want to hurt me or take advantage of me, if even just to make my days a living hell with phone calls I really don't want.

And I'm pretty sure everything I said in this post is 100% legal. It's the constitution --- that makes it legal.

As the Poets of the fall would say "Don't mess with me". God has taken my side before.

And really, I probably don't actually want to receive your phonecalls.

I recognize I might be accused of "showing teeth" in this post ---- but you really need to be on guard in this world, and if I never showed any teeth then history tells me people would just walk all over me.

I'm basically just saying "Don't waste my time with scams. God/Karma might make you regret it."

I, morally, would think it's OK and legitimate to encourage people to not scam others, as well as to protect myself from scams.

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