Saturday, November 4, 2017

Social Contact

Last night my Dad picked up a phone call.

It was for me.

The caller was speaking French.

My Dad knows I don't speak French, and though I studied some Spanish, I don't speak Spanish the best either,

So the phone call didn't get very far, my Dad didn't even give it to me.

How many French people do I know?

Avril Lavigne speaks English to me if she says anything at all to me.

The only other person who is really definitively French who I know is my aunt's husband.

So who else is French who might contact me? It could be anyone ---- but there's maybe the government if they had something to talk to me about, there are French people in Africa who might've heard of me from Plan Canada? Maybe?

Really, it might be anyone.

Anyway ---- I turned on my PS4 this morning, which I haven't done for a while, did the system update, logged into the PSN store and had to configure privacy for my account ----

And then when I got into the PSN Store I was met by several messages from who knows who popping up on my screen ---- people I don't know were greeting me.

One part of me figures I should get used to being social, that being social is a good thing ----

Another part of me sometimes feels a little petrified (extremely fearful) of the fame.

Anyway --- obviously I'm famous now, to an extent, and people seem to be reaching out to me.

1) this could be good, or this could be bad. I don't know what I'm about to get.

2) again, it's too bad I achieved the fame without the corresponding wealth. I get paid less than minimum wage and I can't even drive ---- It kind of limits me.

3) I suppose I can only expect people to take some interest in me like I took interest in Avril Lavigne and Kreskin.

4) What's really too bad is now that I have achieved some fame ---- I don't really have any projects planned right now. I've done all the work already, didn't get paid, became famous, and now I'm just trying to pay for a dental implant, and I have no planned future projects.

So that's just too bad.

I am a bit afraid of who or what might pop up, but I hope I'll be able to live my life happily and peacefully.

And, of course, it would have been nice to get paid.

At least I can hope to expect forgiveness of my wrongdoings now that I fail to prosecute the people who wrong me.

It's weird ---- the concept and doctrine of forgiveness are so easy and so simple ---- but I've spent however many years of my life dealing with the confusion about the concept that the LDS church has instilled in my family. It's really just too bad.

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