Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Physical Activity

I've got some good news for this blog post.

For quite a while, the only place I would go for "the complete walk" with the rest of my family was the zoo --- probably because the zoo is an interesting and fun place to be ---- just looking at foreign (or domestic) animals can be fun.

But, when my family would walk anywhere or almost anywhere else ---- well, I'd have a difficult time either mentally or physically keeping up. This includes the park, the mall, in the neighborhood ----- I was kind of out of shape I guess you could say.

Good news::: today I went with my family to the park, and I walked the whole distance and kept pace. To me, this is awesome.

In other news:::

My bank has sent me a letter.

They are offering me a mortgage (or maybe just advertising their mortgage services).

If my bank is personalizing their contacts with me based on my actual situation, then they must know something extra about my situation that I'm not "fully" aware of.

Either my bank keeps no track of my accounts and who I am ---- or they keep such good track that they know something I don't.

I have less than $200CAD in my chequing account right now. Does it look like I can afford a mortgage?

It does help me sort of feel better that the bank would seem to offer me such a thing ----- but I already know, even with things in my life the bank might not be fully aware of, that I can't really afford a mortgage right now.

Of course, one of my end goals is to buy myself a place to live for me ------ but I am more inclined to do it from being a really good investor more likely than getting a mortgage.

What do my delirious telepathy thoughts tell me? I know that schizophrenia happens when the information your brain gives you isn't very good information, so I try to take all telepathy with a grain of salt until actual physical evidence is presented that suggests the thoughts are true ----

But if my telepathy from the past few days is right, then I see myself in the minds of others as others perceiving me to be at least a bit wealthy (which I might be) while always having an idea or hope that maybe someday, even maybe sooner than later, I might get some kind of payment from my sales.

That is all very vague information --- but I don't want to be too detailed about what my mind tells me when I don't see physical evidence of what it says. The problem I had a long time ago was that my brain was having a hard time being right, correct or accurate with information.


1) I exercised enough to feel good today.

2) If the bank sends me anything personalized to my situation ---- then maybe they know more about my situation than I do.

3) If my long-shot investment goals come true, then the bank knew.

4) If telepathy is truthfully telling me I could get paid, then the bank knew.

And the above four points sum up this blog post.


OK --- one more bit of information about any chance or possibility of me ever maybe making money ---- although this information may also be way out in left field -----

A few days ago my father picked up on a phone call::::: The caller said something about sending us a cheque and maybe something about something we should do, and my Dad wasn't interested so the call ended quickly.

Calls like that are usually perceived to be very scam-like.

I looked up the number online, and the information said it was a "Jamaica" number ---- and that this number is considered "very dangerous".

Why on earth would someone in JAMAICA talk about SENDING US A CHEQUE????????

Like there are possibilities about how this COULD MAYBE be somehow real ------

but not in my Dad's mind. End of phone call.

So:: getting a phone call from Jamaica offering to send a cheque technically often doesn't seem like a very legitimate thing to happen -----

except I really wonder about it.

And don't even get me started on what my brother might think about such a phone call ---- I'll keep that much private.

So I'm not sure about a whole lot sometimes ----- but what looked very scammy to my Dad makes me wonder if there's a chance. Of course, the phone number was considered dangerous, so maybe I'm just delusional.

Who knows.

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