Saturday, November 25, 2017

Instant Karma?

I've been trying to think of something good - or anything decent - to say on this blog for a bit of a while --- so now I think I've got something interesting.

When I was in elementary school, I think it was the assistant principal who taught this concept that doing good to others would help you feel good inside, as a result --- kind of karma-like. The same concept was even brought up in High School by a motivational speaker I believe.

The elementary assistant principal also taught that trying to tear other people down also only tears yourself down.

I think he was teaching some good principles - not only is it an attempt to help school children do good and behave themselves, but I think what he was teaching was even, more or less, true.

I have two stories to share about this sort of instant-feel-good-karma.

A while ago I decided to donate some bitcoin to a charity.  As soon as I sent the BTC --- I immediately felt my heart or my bosom warm up, like I was receiving instant karma that helped me feel good.

And today, I was looking for a Christmas gift in a little bit of online shopping ---- but I have largely run out of regular currency to spend on such things, so I decided to buy a gift with bitcoin.  After having paid for the gift, I did start to feel better ----- but then just a little while later, who knows how, out in the cool outdoor air ------ I suddenly smelt a very good smell, like a scented candle kind of ----- and the sensation of smelling this only lasted for a moment.  But it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

So:::: How is it that I get such remarkable instant karma after sending bitcoin elsewhere?  My guess is that bitcoin is deflationary --- so the BTC I sent to the charity or the store will someday be worth a whole lot more than it is now ---- and that is a VERY good deed to perform, maybe, maybe cosmically considered a very generous payment or donation.

Just my thoughts.

As for hallucinating a nice smell that shouldn't be there ---- this has happened once or at least once before to me.  The memory of this happening before was when I was sitting alone in my bedroom, praying to God and asking if I'll go to heaven ------ I immediately started to smell some kind of good smelling perfume --- which lasted only a little while, and I shouldn't have been smelling it, so it must've been like a hallucination.

Yes, I told my psychiatrist about that hallucination. But it might be based in a mystical reality.

The only other kind of story to mention which I didn't mention before because this story isn't really blog-worthy, but I'll mention it now because I felt like telling someone ---

is that shopping for Christmas gifts has been really fun and exciting for me so far (considering yesterday was Black Friday) and I am very excited to hand out the goodies come December 24th or 25th.

Yesterday after my Black Friday shopping spree I thought I could feel myself being like Santa Claus --- and really I just felt so good about that too.

Another reason the above 3 paragraphs didn't make it into its own blog post::: because from experience I know that if someone who is less-well-off sees me having such a good time, it might be a little depressing for them. So, yeah, give gifts to those who have-not, to try to cheer up their end of year. I ended up spending about 1/3rd of my Christmas budget with Plan Canada --- for the Christmas goodies they plan on giving impoverished children this year.

And I think that's all I have to say.

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