Sunday, November 12, 2017

I was billed on a Sunday

In my last post, I said my cell phone bill was days late and still hadn't come.

As of yesterday (Saturday), my bill balance was still at $0.00.

When I tried to visit the provider's website on my mac this morning -- my mac just wouldn't connect to that one website.

Later, I was using my iPad and decided to try again --- as I visited the provider's website, which connected, for some strange reason my iPad was suddenly disconnected from my home network, and wouldn't reconnect using DHCP or automatic settings.

So, I manually configured it, and it connected again.

Then I was able to log in to the provider's site and take a look: I had a new balance on my account.

I paid that balance with my credit card.

So yeah::: whatever is going on, it's very odd ---- Days late billing, connection problems and loss of local connection, and the bill came up on a Sunday.


Something strange.


Yesterday I mostly felt depressed. I had a good moment or two --- but I was psychologically in a low place yesterday.

Usually, on that day I would start feeling a mania, as my injection is due this Wednesday --- but this time I was feeling depressed.

The biggest environmental factor leading up to the depression may have been the night before: Friday night.

Here's a short version of what happened Friday night:

I still have unending psychological problems with thoughts about experiencing and doctrines of the church popping up in my mind.

I try to talk about what's on my mind so I can try to feel better psychologically.

My brother, who is getting better, is a good listener.

My mom is a good listener.

But most of the time I have to encounter my Dad as I say things --- I might be talking to my Mom or Brother, but invariably my Dad will get himself involved anyway.

And my Dad has ADD.

Let's just say, I never really feel like I'm being listened to, and rather than helping me feel better as I try to unload my psychological burden verbally, I just end up getting frustrated because with my Dad it becomes very difficult to even get my point across.

I've been insane for quite some time --- but you have to realize that one big major factor in my insanity is just having problems in life, trying to talk about or discuss those problems ---- and only finding serious and severe frustration every time as my ADD Dad gets involved in the discussion ------ that's how I went insane in a nutshell.  it's been the same problem ever since the beginning.

If the problems alone aren't enough to drive me insane, I sure was insane by the time I had to discuss the problems with my father.

ADD really doesn't help the situation.

So, on Friday night I got frustrated, Saturday I was mostly depressed, and today some weird stuff as I finally got billed for my cell phone.

So yeah, there.


On a side note, I've stopped feeling afraid of my blog, mostly.

But with Youtube telling me to de-google, I do still have some paranoia about that subject.

Other than that, I'm fine, I'm doing well.

It's too bad not every story can be so positive and happy.

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