Thursday, November 16, 2017

Another Pretty Good Guess

I was just playing my Guess 3 Characters game again.

I made another pretty good guess.

I mean, on this surface, this looks awesome, looks like I'm really achieving ----

I'm mildly OK at this sort of thing. I'm better than nothing.

The odd thing about this guess was:::: I actually guessed the R (Response) twice in a row ---- meaning I got this reading before the actual answer was even in computer memory.


Basically, I got a reading, wrote it down, it was wrong, but I just magically decided to try the exact same reading again, for the second time ---- and boom, you get the above screenshot.

At this point, that means I'm predicting the future at that point, and not just reading my computer memory.

I don't know. It's just weird. The A (answer) didn't even exist in computer memory when I initially came up with the response, this is the second same response in a row, and I have no idea.

The game isn't programmed to behave this way.

It's either:
A) I predicted the future
B) Something is manipulating the computer memory

B seems unlikely, but I also know to some A is also unlikely.

Just weird.


Yesterday I saw my psychiatric doctor. The nurse who looks like Avril Lavigne was present.

It wouldn't be hard to transform this nurse into Avril, or for Avril to transform into this nurse --- the appearances are that similar.

So, it's just interesting how

1) I was broken up with ballerinagirl with the excuse that we weren't adults. Somehow that makes it OK to take away our constitutional freedoms.
2) People were trying to destroy my relationship with Avril Lavigne even though at that point we were adults, as well as she was singing about me, so obviously something is wrong when they are taking away our constitutional freedoms without even a good excuse.
3) And now the doctors have a body double of Avril involved in my treatment at the hospital now.

So yeah, obviously something was wrong with the society I was living in.


There might've been some other things on my mind in the past days, but I don't really remember right now, the above two stories are the biggest thoughts I've had.

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