Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Perfect Guess

I didn't want to share this information on my blog, as it's starting to feel like I'm "beating a dead horse" ---

basically, when the psychiatrist argued with me years ago about telepathy, I almost have to wonder if he was just trying to drive me to prove my ability.

Anyway ---- I think by now I've proven there's something more, especially exampled in my recent perfect guess in my Guess 3 Characters game I made:

To be honest, I feel normal and fine during most of my day, I'm happy with my life, I'm recovering from the past ----

but my feelings immediately turn to a sort of nervousness when I think about my blog, it's like butterflies in my stomach ----

It's like I can feel a discomfort with being social with all the people who now visit my site.

But, in order to write a new post, which is something I felt like doing --- I needed something interesting to say, so hence the above screenshot.

It's possible a reason I feel so nervous about my blog, besides all the visitors, is that all I have to talk about is my life, and I am happily enjoying my life these days, happy to be at rest and at peace ----

but what is there to talk about?

A lot of experiences in my past history don't make much sense --- there has been so much nonsense in my experiences that I'm starting to not even want to talk about the past anymore, especially as anyone might have a problem with my life's history and generally, it just doesn't seem like the best idea to discuss anymore.

So, a piece of good news::: last Friday I made a perfect guess in my guessing game.

I desire to be positive, to say and write good things ---- but I'm not fully sure what kind of good stories I'll ever share on this blog.

It's a good idea to be positive, so even though a lot of my life didn't turn out so well, I'm not sure I should discuss most of my life anymore.

Maybe I'll just write some instructions as to how I came up with my perfect guess:::

I didn't even ask God for help before I started guessing.

I didn't even close my eyes and visualize what the characters might be.

I just wrote down the characters that popped into my head.

Most of the time I was wrong, but I'd get the odd character right along the way --- until boom --- all the characters were right.

And I wasn't really expecting such a good guess.

I was very ho-hum at the time, not even certain my ability was going to work.

I had other good guesses along the way, but I only made that one perfect guess.

I am absolutely baffled about how I suddenly got a perfect guess. It was actually unexpected.

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