Friday, November 10, 2017

A Good Story

What I'm about to say seems too good to be true, but this is what happened, as I've experienced it --- even I myself have difficulty believing what I'm going to tell you is real-honest-the-way-things-are-supposed-to-be.

I have a cell phone.

I have been with my cell phone provider for about 8 years now.

They have regularly billed me, it's pretty consistent. I've always paid.

This month, however, they are a few days late in the billing cycle --- and they still haven't billed me.

I'm ready and willing to pay - but my balance on my account with them remains at zero ---- for now I owe "nothing".

So, that's just a little interesting considering they are days late to bill me, and still, haven't billed me.

So, it does almost seem too good to be true to think I won't be billed anymore.

But, there's more:

Almost a week ago, my Dad, had me go into an electronics shop to buy "some hardware" that was meant to be used by my brother-in-law, who recently became a Police Officer.

I found the item, bought it, and of course, had to identify myself as I bought it. The clerk asked if I had a cell phone, yes, who my provider was, I told him, and out of the blue ---- the sales clerk offered me a free Samsung or Apple tablet.

I thought that was a little odd that I would be given such an offer.  That was all the offer was at face value:: a free tablet.

I was thinking if this was a bit crazy or strange, so I declined to take his offer.

When I talked to my mother, she said I should have thought about getting her the tablet.

When I talked to my brother-in-law as I handed him his new hardware, he agreed that I should be leary, because in his expectation there would have been strings attached with this new tablet.

If you want to get stranger with reality, something totally true yet maybe unbelievable:::

Of course, there's that perfect Guess 3 Characters guess I made from a week ago, which may seem fine, but when you combine that with the following occurrence from a month or two earlier, reality starts feeling contrived:

I mildly mentioned this already, but I had a sort of mildly lucky streak a month or two ago. I'm not going into detail about that here. And then just last Friday I made a perfect guess in my guessing game.

Something is a bit odd about my experiences. It's hard to believe this could be for real, except my lucky experiences were totally real. Who knows about the economic experiences.

BUT:::: if there might be any clues about how realistic this is::: for me, this pretty much seems like it might be realistic, because::::

After I programmed at least 3 or 4 of the Bananatree Games, I started getting these Japanese emails. They offered a lot of money.

I looked up the information I could about the sender ---- if this was for real, then she might have had something to do with Disney.

My Dad's Japanese friend, who I tried to get help from as an interpreter, didn't believe the emails.

Anyway, it's just interesting to note the similarities between my work and some of Disneys movies since then --- Like Moana and now Coco.

I'm not going to go into great detail about how I see similarities in the ideas ---- just Moana happens on an island, while my bananatree games happen on an island --- as well as the movie is called "coco", and my 3rd bananatree game has a character surnamed "cocopalm".

To say the least, I do feel I can relate in a way,

so it's just very interesting that I got all those emails from a supposed individual from Disney ------ it's just no one on my end had any belief that the emails were real.

So, who knows what's going on, if anything happened "behind the scenes" -----

I sort of have felt that I could expect a big windfall someday, but that remains to be seen.

It all seems "too good to be true" ---- but this is how good I see my reality, and I am happy and feel good about my life.

I'm not fully sure what's been going on, but I am happy and comfortable with it. I think I am at least.

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