Thursday, October 26, 2017

What if I'm wrong?

It's so easy to think the logical explanation for yesterday's situation is that the Halloween Injections Nurse IS Avril ---

But what if that's actually a false assumption????

When the nurse said "Avril has never been here nor will she ever come here" ---- that may seem like she is Avril teasing me or something,

but what if she is actually just a body double and she doesn't know about my previous sightings?

What if she was those previous sightings?

What if I was just hallucinating?

Oh wow. I'm like the craziest guy. I mean, nothing about what I thought I saw may be "real" -- especially when I've had magical experiences seeing Jesus.

As I rode the bus around town today, I thought about my childhood and thought I was a "cringe-worthy" child ------ I may have been seen as the smartest kid at school, but I still wasn't that smart anyway. I've grown up a lot since then.

But compared to being a "cringe-worthy" child, I think about my relationships with females and, well, I haven't "liked" or "crushed-on" many females in my life ---- but I now wonder if I am just a little bit strange with how I "like" girls. Not that there have been many girls I've liked, just the "ballerinagirl" and Avril Lavigne -- really.

I am so weird.

If it's true that Avril has never been to my hospital or the clinic at that hospital before ---- then I must seem like the strangest person by now.

I am certain that there is a greater reality ----- if I can guess what my computer is thinking in a random guessing game I designed myself ---- then I have proven there is something more in the world.  And that much is scientific about this.

My logical assumption would be that the nurse is Avril. But, if that's wrong, then I am a very very strange man.

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