Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Halloween Doctor Visit

I saw my psychiatrist again today - the topic of discussion was the antibiotics I was put on when I had that piece of Titanium screwed into my jaw.

But the really interesting news:

Just like last year's Halloween season, this year's Halloween season's injection's nurse is again, the nurse who looks something like or similar to Avril Lavigne in her appearance.

THIS TIME I finally managed to have a chat with her about how she looks like Avril.

Today her hair wasn't very Avril-ish ---- Avril has never worn her hair like that in the media.

Anyway ----- when I told the nurse that I've seen who appears to be Avril Lavigne right at that clinic at the hospital, that I even got off the bus with her at the hospital that one time -------

The nurse said "Avril Lavigne has never been here before, nor will she ever come here" --- going on to explain how our minds can do really strange things.

Now ---- what do I think?

Either I am so friggin crazy and hallucinatory at this point,

or the Halloween Injections nurse IS Avril Lavigne.

I'm inclined to believe I met Avril Lavigne in person today, that she wasn't being herself for Halloween.

Unless "Avril Lavigne" is just a pseudonym or a stage name, I'm just going to lean towards the belief that the Halloween Injections Nurse IS Avril Lavigne, as I explained in a private email last year.

She is a GREAT ACTRESS of course because as I was talking to her I can't help but think she might be someone else and that I might actually be completely nutty.

You see, I know I've seen what I've seen, right down to the ripped pants Avril in the psychiatric clinic --- either they hire very good imposters,

or more likely Avril Lavigne could not ignore the amazing events that happened at the beginning of our friendship and she does actually visit ---- but acts like someone else specifically to my face for Halloween.

If Avril has never been there before, and she never will be ---- I know I've seen "her" there before, and I am just all too inclined to believe that Avril is the Halloween Injections Nurse at my psychiatric clinic.

I do however completely understand if you think I'm being crazy at this point --- but to me, that's the best logical explanation.

BUT ----- Regardless of how much I am inclined to believe she IS Avril, she can deny it as much as she wants to, so there's not really much I can do about that.

In the event that what she said is true and Avril has NEVER been to that clinic before ---- Then HOLY CRAP I AM INSANE.

I see her at the clinic even though she's never been there.

And then she must think I'm weird for how I sometimes "approach her" online.

I've seen "Jesus" before too --- the experience was so weird and interesting it could be thought I am insane.

Either I'm insane, or the Halloween Injections Nurse IS Avril.  To me, it's that simple.

Of course, in our chat, I mentioned the "Law of Attraction" ---- the idea that I've concentrated on her enough in my life that this must be making her appear to me. That IS how that law works, according to documentation.

So who knows.

Did I mention the regular injections nurse looks kind of like George Lucas? Only kind of like George Lucas though ---- but the Halloween Injections Nurse looks a lot more like Avril than the regular one looks like GL.

Considering my "magical" experiences, such as seeing Jesus ---- how likely is it that I am well deserving of my disability benefit? Wow huh.

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