Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stopping Projects because of similarities

Back in 2013, I was at my Uncle's wedding in BC with his new wife (he divorced the old one).

On this wedding trip, I had read two books, Animal Farm and another extremely difficult piece of literature ---- and after having read those books I started feeling an urge to write a sort of sequel for The Eagle's Sore.

I wrote about 3,000-4,000 words of this new book on that trip, for a while I was really "in the groove" for my new project.

There were two main things that encouraged me to stop the project and give up:

1) Complete lack of sales from anything I ever tried selling. This was before my OUYA days. My books just weren't being paid for. (and still aren't being paid for on that matter.)

2) The main character or a main character for this new book was a bear.  A bear in the Old West province of the story. I called the species of the bear a "wasteland bear".

Just months later Avril Lavigne released her music video for "Rock n Roll". Even if it wasn't the same as I was imagining, I realized someone might think there were too many similarities between her video and my book, so I gave up.

I'm not entirely sure what inspired her to make her music video that way, except I didn't feel like releasing my book when it had enough comparable-ness to her video.

WELL -- it's happened again. And this time, I'm really not sure how.

Remember that new video game project that I gave up on because nobody cared and nobody donated?

All I had for that project were my ideas, and some or most of these basic ideas I wrote down in a notebook.

Well, there is now a movie on Netflix that uses a similar sort of idea.

There is one word I use in a special way in my idea for a game ---- and just a while later a Netflix movie was released that uses the same word in a similar way, kind of a 25%-50% match in how the word is used compared to my idea.

Of course, this just won't do. Another reason for me to give up.

Is there any reason how this could happen? It's like, a huge coincidence.

Is someone just hacking my computer files --- or is it more likely a telepathy kind of thing where the inspiration hits more than one mind?

I just thought I'd post this post to explain something a little interesting, as well as to explain another reason why I probably won't get started on that idea I had. One aspect of it was just a little too similar to a movie.

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