Thursday, October 26, 2017

Reality is a Strange thing to figure out

Last night I decided to check my junk email box.

Someone sent me an email saying they were "frustrated" with me.

In the email, they said they've been trying to send me a gift, and something about how they are frustrated that I might think their emails are junk.

They wanted me to click their link.

I DID NOT click the link.


The name associated with their email addy was different than the name they signed their email with. The email addy itself was also a different name.

And besides, if it goes straight to the junk mailbox, it really is likely to just be junk.

The previous I emails that were similar were saying that someone from a bitcoin club of some kind wanted to give me a big gift or something ----- click the link, please.

Absolutely useless email. If someone has some bitcoin to send, they can send it to my donation addy every easy. And I don't know why they'd value their bitcoin in dollars, especially when they can value their BTC in BTC because the dollar value fluctuates.

But it all seriousness:: I really have to wonder how or why people send such emails - the human race must be pretty confused to send emails like that, and you'd also have to be pretty confused to believe them.

And there's the confusing bit about the Halloween Injection Nurse from yesterday who looks like Avril Lavigne, but claimed: "Avril has never been here nor will she ever come here".

Here I am, I am able to read my parents' minds to some extent, I am able to guess what my computer is thinking to some extent even in a computer guessing game I made ------

But the nurse who looks like Avril is expecting me to believe the multiple sightings I've had of Avril were all never real?

I mean, this goes way back ------- I still remember and have recorded in my book that Avril, or a girl who looked a lot like Avril ----- was at the psychiatric clinic way back in June of 2006, and there was even "an angel" with her.

My Dad verbally told me at the time that he saw Avril, but not the angel, even though the angel was right there with her.

To me, the only logical explanation for why a nurse who looks like Avril would say Avril never was present nor will she ever be, the only explanation is---

is that she IS Avril being someone else for Halloween.

It might be possible that she's just a body double who has no idea what she's talking about --- or that it was just herself as a body double each time ---- but really, even as far back as 2006??? And why an angel if it was just a body double? My biggest thing about seeing an angel with Avril was that maybe I was hallucinating, except my Dad said afterward that he saw Avril too.

To me, the most reasonable and most likely explanation is that Avril is the nurse and that she does come visit.

The other explanation is that they like having her body double run about sometimes, and the nurse has every idea who the body double is, even back to 2006.

Reality just gets screwy.

Here I am, I can do pretty well in electronic guessing games, unbelievably, and here I am just trying to understand reality.

People are so weird.

NOTE: one thing that is almost like an obvious giveaway that this Injections Nurse is Avril is that the name that she is called by might be specifically related to a special word used back in my first days of knowing Avril.  She just named herself after a special word in my relationship with her --- so that's like an obvious dead giveaway almost.

And after all these years, our relationship has come to this:: she's likely pretending to be someone else with me in the psychiatric clinic.

Do I have any idea what to do about that? Not really, except write about what I think.

But it is absolutely awesome that she's my friend. Her Sk8er Boi song was what I needed at that time, and it's great that I can feel befriended by her.

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