Monday, October 9, 2017

Now I'm just concerned - or confused

OK --- so our family screens phone calls a lot of the time --- there's enough garbage on the phone lines out there that we'll often just let it go to voicemail or the answering machine if we don't recognize the number --- this is a good strategy actually, it helps keep us safe.

So ---- those random phone calls from various Calgary and Toronto numbers have stopped --- at least for now.

On the last call from Toronto, the search I did put the phone number in a +1 (xyz)xyz-xyza format and didn't tell me anything.

This morning I did the search on the same phone number in the xyz-xyz-xyza format and got a result.

My Mormon Mother would never approve. And I'm pretty leery about it myself too.

So::: why would a photographer call me?  And then why would an adult film/photo actress call me? I have no idea. Weird how that happened.

I'm definitely keeping my phone on "Do Not Disturb".

Just interesting that this would happen during the same period of time that I get followed on twitter by a couple female musicians. Huh.

Anyway ---- what urged me to write this post was this::::

A year or two ago I got a phone call from someone who wanted to talk to me about the Markets - he said he was from a financial company of some kind, but didn't specify which one --- I wasn't interested.

Some months ago I got a phone call from a store or shop in Balzac -- which I screened, but I thought that was pretty strange.

Well, just a little while ago our home phone got a call from..... well, the phone number was listed on an investment website for an oil exploration company. And there were other similar companies which historically also used the same phone number.

Now, THIS is just getting weird.

If I did make my "mint" from selling my projects, I am definitely living well below my means because I'm not totally sure what's going on.

I don't understand why it's important to talk to me about markets or have oil exploration companies phone when my investment account has never really exceeded 10k or even 9k in value and I'm not really a big player.

Right now, my investment account has less than $600CAD worth in it. My savings account is for a future dental payment.

I don't have a lot to go around, especially for investment. I may be rich because I'm not in a tonne of debt, but I'm pretty low on the "richness scale" anyway.

It doesn't make sense to me that my level of wealth would be a big deal to an investment company UNLESS I somehow made a lot of money, which I haven't really been told about, or whatever.

I realize there's a possibility I may have made a lot of money, but if anything that money is being hidden from me - I don't have control. maybe because me and/or my brother are considered disabled.

It's just a big mystery to me.

A least I was able to stop feeling nervous and calm down.

Now I just wonder.


About when I wrote the above post, or shortly after I wrote the above post --- I received another phone call from Toronto.

Of course, "Do Not Disturb" kept me from having to deal with it -----

so I did what research I could ----

Nothing on Google.

I did another kind of search, and got "a name".

I searched the name: There's a movie from 2015 that shares the name.

Then I did a "*name* Toronto" search --- LinkedIn says there are over 100 people in Toronto with that name.

It's not a name I ever hear, so it's unique, as well as from a different culture.

This is just getting weird.

Who knows --- maybe I'm in trouble or something. Or maybe it's a "good" thing.

I can only suspect at this point that it's some kind of entertainment industry thing ---- and I don't know how to accept it.

Can't they just write me an email? In English? Or leave a message on my voicemail?

If something new is coming my way --- it's good to know my Mom will be retiring from her job, because if for who knows what reason I'm about to find something to do ---- it would be great if my transportation revolved around my schedule rather than my Mom's

I still can't even drive a car!!! Yeah, anyway.

So I wonder how good or bad whatever this is could be. Should I open the door?

Like, am I in trouble?

Am I going to be pressured into something I'd rather not?

Or is this going to be an actual good thing?

I'm not sure what to fully expect from these phone calls --- but I also suspect my family may have difficulty with it at this point. Our schedules revolve around my Mom's job right now.

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