Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I Actually Received a Payment!

After I stopped publishing through AuthorHouse, I started publishing through Lulu.com. And then I also started publishing ebooks through Kindle KDP, and a company called Smashwords.

Smashwords has finally paid up. I stopped publishing my books through them quite some time ago, so it's been quite a while without any money ---- but today I finally received a notification or an email telling me that they have actually paid me a bit of money now.

It took a long time of waiting.

Similar to this one time it took like a few months or a year or something to receive a payment from Amazon.

Of course, these payments are very small, so it's almost meaningless --- but it's still nice to see some money come in.

It took so long.


I got a piece of TItanium implanted into my Jaw today. In three months I'll be ready to have a new tooth.

Does this make me a cyborg?


And last night I was having thoughts about how people are so indebted in my country and how Avril's foundation, the Red Cross, and the UN's ShareTheMeal programs are all having difficulty actually receiving funds for their charitable purposes.

I used to be in "big" debt with very limited funding.

Mormonism teaches something similar to The Secret --- and that book's sequel, "The Power" ---- you get what you give.

I was going deep into debt when I initially published my first book ---- and as I went into that debt, I decided I would also donate money to charity.

I actually ended up donating quite a bit of money to charity.  And I'm often helping this person and that.

And things have worked out pretty good for me.

It's like the idea of "Karma" --- I did something good for other people, and the universe turns around and does something good for me.

I did manage to pay off that big debt.  I do actually have a positive net worth now as well.  And I was just able to afford a dental implant when I needed it, as well, as finally receive a payment from one publisher.

Maybe you can take this kind of spiritual mumbo-jumbo with a grain of salt if you wish, but I do believe in Karma, or you get what you give. If you give good things, then you will get good things.

And I am in good enough financial position to get a broken tooth replaced.

So, my small suggestion to people would just be to set some money aside to help people who are in very unfortunate circumstances. I believe the Universe will recognize your generosity and help you somehow in return.

Such an idea appears to have done me some good (as well as other people in the world).

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