Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Strange and Coincidental Experience

If you've read my book The Book of Finch, you'll know my life has been full of really interesting and strange stuff happening.

My book is true, told from my perspective. It's most likely I was insane from a certain perspective, but there's also a true and real psychic perspective which at this point has pretty much been proven.

This post will probably be a bit lengthy --- but I will tell a story of some weirdness that has happened, and I wonder if GOD is somehow behind this weirdness.

Table of Contents:

Part 1
In Part 1 I tell you about the video game I was wanting to build but was never able to because of lack of funding.

Part 2
In Part 2 I tell you about how my game sort of relates to a Netflix movie. This movie was the "nail in the coffin" for this project, as I didn't want to make anything seem too similar.

Part 3
What recently happened, coincidentally, in actual reality, that just makes this whole series of events too strange.


My video game idea was most likely going to be called "EXTRA Car to Joe's" and was a two player game.

The premise of the game was that a famous actress, who I made up a name for but didn't need to call her that name (fictional actress) - a fictional famous actress was holding a charity fundraiser to raise funds for a poetry contest --- and the top prize of this charity fundraiser was to go on a date with the actress herself.

(You can, of course, see my interest in Avril Lavigne depicted in this background story for the game - If I didn't have to give most of my money to the dentist, I  could have given her a big birthday gift and maybe got a phone call with her).

So: the two players in the game are competing with each other to raise the most money so they can go on the date.

One player is a substitute newspaper delivery dude. The other player owns a car rental that would be called something like "Joe's Car Rental" and yes, these cars are like Car 2 Go, and this character's job is to take the cars in for repairs at his garage.

One player would make money from delivering newspapers, and the other player would make money from repairing his rental vehicles.

The game would take place in a community that I would artistically build and design, I even thought about basing the design of this community on my home community.

But my idea for this game didn't stop there.

There is an NPC in this game who is also competing in the charity fundraiser.

The Cookie Salesman.

Basically, I took some inspiration from Bitcoin, and decided this game would have an alternate currency called a "Batch Coin" --- which would be much like bitcoin in our world.

The players would be able to trade regular money for BaTC and even purchase cloud-mining services, called "ovens" in this game.

The BaTC could then be used as part of the final tally for the charity fundraiser ---- OR you could spend your BaTC at the Cooke Stand in the park, and these Cookies would give  you special bonuses like speed, that would help you to work harder or faster at your job, creating more income for yourself.

BUT, the BaTC you give to the Cookie Salesman goes towards his score so he just might get the upper hand and win the charity contest, meaning both players lose.

Of course, the joke in this game, which I wouldn't outright state in the game but would let the player figure out for themselves is that they need to buy Batch Coins in order to get a date with the actress. Just a kind of joke.


The Netflix movie that I thought was a bit too similar to my game, thus ceasing my ideations and hopes of ever building was "The Bad Batch".

I didn't watch the whole movie, but the Bad Batch seems to be indicative as a reference to the main actress in this movie, and this actress porrays a girl who is a victim to cannibals who cut off her arm and her leg.

The movie takes place in a desert, so again, that was strange considering my previous projects idea of a "wasteland bear" and how Avril made her Rock N Roll music video.

So yeah, an actress who is "The Bad Batch" --- she is food, and she is bad, and, yeah, you get the point.

I didn't even finish the movie. I was turned off by the depictions of cannibalism.


Now this really did happen in real life, just a few nights ago, and as my Dad said, there were three of us present all to witness this one strange thing.

Here are some coincidences:

1) My brother in law just recently got a job working for CP Rail.

2) This incident begins underneath the same CP Rail Bridge going over Bowness Road, right near the same locaton where I met "Black Jesus" in The Book of Finch.

So, in the middle of the night, my Dad, my brother and I decided we would head out in our van to go pick up my Mom from her work, yes, in the middle of the night.

As we were driving under the CP Rail Bridge over Bowness Road we saw a young woman who was missing her leg and was using crutches to "walk" as fast as she could through the underpass. The two walkways on both sides were under construction.

My Dad stopped the van when we reached the disabled lady, and he told her it wasn't safe for her to walk around at night like she was with traffic whizzing by.

She got in the van.

Anyway, the short of the story is that she had us drive her to a gas station. The HUSKY gas station.

In case you didn't realize, a Husky is a dog, and it's this dog the gas station is named after.

Anyway ------ Maybe I'm saying too much in this post ----- but considering my video game idea, then the movie that stopped the game, and then we meet an actual person near the black Jesus location on Property that's important to my brother in law's new job who is handicapped like the girl in the movie and has us take her to a Dog Gas Station ------

Really?  It's like my life IS a video game or something, like I'm living in a simulation like the Matrix at this point.

It's kind of like the idea I had that when I was young life got too painful and maybe I died and went to a sort of heaven --- a  heaven which is sort of like a The Matrix simulation.

It's just too weird.

Now, the final touch to this experience, and how it relates to telepathy.

You know how we drove her to the Husky Gas Station?

In my telepathy with Avril Lavigne, or at least, in my thinkings with the thought voices who I deliriously hear and maybe delusionally believe to be Avril Lavigne ---- my thoughts have been centered around Fart Jokes for quite the past while.

So yeah, a Dog Gas Station.

It's like reality is the Marix or something or there's somekind of cosmic sense of humor going on here.

I would probably be happy as ever right now if I wasn't on a Paliperidone tablet to "top up" my dosage before the injection.

But yeah, I wrote this blog post to tell the story for the record of another one of those really strange and weird things that has happened.

And I wouldn't want to give away my game idea, except I now no longer plan of building that game.

Just a weird and interesting story, to say the least, in my opinioni.

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