Monday, October 16, 2017

A Charity with issues

Today is civic election day in Calgary. I voted. I did not publically declare support for any candidate, however, nor did I have any dreams about who would win. A little while back I just kind of wondered to myself if being involved in politics was a great idea --- especially as I hate it when political parties phone asking for money.

But as I was headed out the door today with my Dad and brother, I was stopped by two people from the Canadian Red Cross.

Their goal was to find funding to help people in the local community. Like, to deal with bullying, homelessness, seniors' care and stuff like that.

The main speaker from the Red Cross who spoke to us was a woman who identified herself as a Professor of Biology at a local University.

She said that money that gets sent to the Red Cross online is mostly used and taken up by disaster relief efforts. She said there was very little for little smaller community initiatives, and the local initiatives were what she was trying to raise money for.

I told her about that letter I received from the Red Cross a while back that said there aren't many people who care/donate to the Red Cross.

From the perspective of seeing her as an underfunded Red Cross fundraiser, I could see how the letter from the Red Cross was truthful.

But talking to her she seemed to dismiss what the Red Cross said in the letter and basically seemed to have a sort of attitude that the disaster relief people were hoarding all the money or something ---- maybe it just wasn't quite clear what she was trying to say.

It wasn't easy to make a decision to donate to her cause especially as she was looking for a minimum of $20 each month, and neither my credit card nor my chequing account had that much available at that time.

But, after coming home from our trip and seeing what I think I can do, I've decided to start donating $10 each month to the Red Cross.

It's not much, but each little bit helps ---- I'm wary of how much I can really afford to give, especially when Youtube has made it clear it's a very good idea to have savings, and I know it's a good idea to have savings for situations like the one I face now where I'm getting a tooth replaced by an implant. Expensive, but a good idea to have savings for that.

And tomorrow is the day I get my Titanium installed in my mouth. It's scary and exciting.

But seriously, I can see from sales that people might not be able to pay for much of anything, and the news says it's normal for your average Canadian to be in deep debt. And the Red Cross is definitely feeling underfunded.

Personally, I feel a bit underfunded too, because I can't afford my own place to live or a car to drive. But I will donate what I can.

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