Saturday, September 30, 2017

Watched some conference

I was kind of curious in my prayers to God about advice he might have for me --- nothing was revealed, God has no advice for me.

I decided I would watch some of the LDS General Conference going on today to see if these leaders had any ideas.

First, I looked over the summaries of this morning's talks::: there appeared to be an emphasis on serving others.

Then, I tuned into the broadcast on the website.

The first talk I heard was Quentin L Cook's talk about humility. I was happy to hear his teachings.

The next talk I remembered talked about God micromanaging our lives and how coincidence is not the right word to describe certain occurrences (although I know some psychiatric doctors would disagree).

The last talk was about how great the Book of Mormon was ----- and for some reason, as I listened to this talk I just felt such an excitement in my soul.

But my favorite quote, from one of the speakers, I can't remember which, said something along these lines:

"When you do not forgive others, you are denying the atonement".

It was something like that.

the whole forgiveness issue in Mormonism and in my relationship with the church has been a BIG ISSUE in my life.

What Joseph Smith taught about forgiveness was a bit different than as Jesus taught it in the bible -- and I am often wondering or confused.

There are so many ways to look at the issue ---------

but the church leader today clarified that you must forgive lest ye deny the atonement.

It's good to hear that clarification.

So, I can definitely see good in the church and feel good about the church -----

but there are barriers that keep me away from the church.

There are definitely good things about Mormonism, but there are some questions one might have.

And now, I must admit, I feel like one of the stupid sheep from Animal Farm ---

I find the church agreeable, and I sometimes find their opponents agreeable

Of course, I only find opponents agreeable because of my disagreements with the church,

and sometimes I don't agree with opponents because of experience the church gave me.

So, whoever's side I'm on is kind of convoluted I guess.

But, I am definitely feeling good now.

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