Friday, September 29, 2017

Updated my links

Wow --- I do seem to be getting "more popular", or at least, more famous.

Google has probably also noticed my increased fame, and they are encouraging me to advertise. They gave me a coupon if I spend $150 on their services.

I currently, as of this post, only have $147.50CAD in my chequing account. And that number is going to get smaller when I buy food and some of that goes to Plan Canada too.

My savings account is non-negotiable ---- I need that for my dental work.

I'm just not that rich, I'm sort of rich, but not super-rich. It would be nice to actually sell products for a change.


I FINALLY got around to updating my Amazon links on my book pages on this site so it no longer makes you think you are going for a Kindle ebook, and now just links to the Amazon paperbacks. I removed my ebooks from Kindle. I'm just a bit lazy I guess.

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