Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This Never Happens. But it happened.

Today I saw my psychiatrist.

There were two main things I told my doctor about today:

The Warm Fuzzies (it is technically uncommon for the past while to feel that way)

And a lucky streak I had with the lottery, which was very unlikely to happen, probability speaking. I kind of wonder if I shouldn't have talked about the lottery, but I did, so whatever. I was very tempted to talk about that experience with some people.

Another new thing is, obviously, that my blog is getting a lot more visitors than it used to.

But something else happened. And this is also not normal, not typical:

As I walked out of the psychiatric office, into the waiting area, a woman greeted me and introduced herself to me. She told me her name. She didn't tell me her job.  After just introducing herself to me, she went in to see the doctor.

She was dressed in very churchy clothes. I mean, women's fashions can be so complex that I wouldn't know where to start how to compare them to anything, but it was basically a colorful dress, not what nurses wear, and it reminded me of what a woman might wear to church -----

and because I knew a lawyer in church one time, I wonder if lawyers dress that way as well --- but I'm not sure.

So yeah. Just new stuff, not the regular.

1) Warm Fuzzies (it's been a while)
2) Lucky Lottery Streak (holy crap)
3) Website visitors increases
4) Someone introduced herself to me at the clinic today. VERY unusual.

I guess I just got to keep on going.

Oh and with the Mormons seeming to want me back --- something is going on. I guess.

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