Saturday, September 9, 2017

Stuff On my Mind

I can always think of so much to say --- and 15 minutes with a psychiatrist every 3 weeks isn't enough to discuss it, so thank God for blogger and email. :)

My Dad said I should look at the number on my letter from the Red Cross to get an idea of how many people donate to them.

My mom and I both got a letter.

My letter came directly after hers.  That means the letters are in reverse alphabetical order::: Which means there are about 10,000 people who donate to the Canadian Red Cross.

My Dad disagreed with me.  He insisted the numbers of the letters are last-name-only in ascending alphabetical order --- so he put his estimate at 200,000 or 300,000 people who donate.

In my estimation, things really don't look very good.

In my Dad's estimation, even so only 0.75% of the Canadian population contributes to this charity.

Yup --- it's just depressing to see these kinds of numbers plus hearing in actual news that the average Canadian is in serious, serious debt.  I'm actually one of the lucky ones --- and I can't even afford a car or my own place to live.


The world is crazy.  Ever hear people compared to sheep?

I think a church can easily show how fickle people are, that we are driven by natural urges, and regardless of intellectual discussion we are prone to just do what we naturally feel like.

Example::: Why did anyone ever join the LDS Church?  I was one of the few who joined the church with the hope that it would actually improve living conditions, that it would increase life quality. I personally did it with some level of ideology in mind (although, understand I didn't fully know what I was getting involved with when I got baptized).

But I think I can tell that most Mormons generally just get baptized because it's the social thing to do. They just do it so they can be part of a group. It's just what they do, "just because" if only just to be part of a group.

The organization then tells you how to be and how not to be.

And that's when we learn how fickle people are. The consistent natural desire to do the opposite of what you were told.

The church says "say nice things to each other" ---- all I hear is criticism and bickering.

The church says "be chaste --- no sexual activity allowed" ---- and I hear a lot of young people broke this rule.

The church says "do not steal" ------ and yet Napster becomes extremely popular for as long as law enforcement hasn't yet cracked down ---------

People are essentially sheep who are driven by natural impulses rather than actual intelligent, rational and reasonable thought.  That's the way it seems to be.

It's an impulse to be part of the group, and we all know it's true because we all support each other in it.

And then other natural impulses kick in and nobody is even following the rules anymore.

Humanity is insane. My Dad estimates everyone has their problems. Another estimate said 70% of people have serious psychological issues.

This is depressing for me too.


And then, finally, my last thing to talk about right now::

A few days ago, or some time ago, Youtube changed their website layout.

When I saw the new layout, I immediately feared if I had been kicked off the platform, because the layout was different and something I wasn't used to.

Luckily, I managed to find my way around.

And I have a memory that Google eventually sent me an advertising coupon code for blogger (again).

Why am I saying this?

Youtube is now showing me these videos about Free Speech versus Speech Control.

This topic I could probably write about forever, but it does seem kind of hard to pick a side, considering the arguments on both sides.

The free speech side says you get smarter when more ideas are freely expressed.

My own argument for anti-free speech (although I do respect the above free speech argument) is that sometimes some people have absolutely nothing intelligent or useful to say at all ---- and hear the mindless bs over and over again can be a difficulty.

Some people do not think but love to talk anyway.  And, as I have understood from experience, it doesn't actually help the situation.

I can give an example of this::::

Classmates trying to hypnotize you to do illegal things.

Free speech is free, right? anything goes?

But, if your classmates are hypnotizing to do commit serious criminal activity ---- where do we draw the line?

This is, in fact, an example from my own life, but I don't want to go into detail.

I was one of the smartest kids, but I ended up plummetting into a psychological shithole because of all the BS being forced into my head by the people around me, like people who have no respect or rational or reasonable thought and just want to hypnotize me to do very bad things.

I respect the free speech argument, but I've seen examples where free speech is like, well, not so great.

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