Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Scared of People

Last night I got a new follower on Twitter.

The Pop Musician/singer Shelita Burke followed me.

I listened to two of her songs --- yes, I do see the talent here.

She has a few hundred thousand followers herself, and she offered to retweet me to her followers if I want.

Another character who followed me on Twitter this past summer was a TEDx speaker named Brian Brushwood. It should be easy to see a name similarity with one of my fictional characters.

And in the current Calgary Civic Election, Ward 4 has a candidate named "Blair Berdusco".

What I'm trying to say is ----- I really am an introvert ----- and seeing all these people have some interest in me is actually making me feel weird --- like frightened.

Maybe it's the "paranoid" schizophrenia, maybe it's the introversion.

But one thing that's clear is that I have some kind of psychological problem about even going out and walking in my community. It's like I'm scared. Of people.

When I was young, I could walk around no problem.

The LDS Church and Avril Lavigne helped drive me to do something a bit more famous, and now that I'm out there it's like I can feel my introverted personality have a problem.

If I remember correctly, there was this one movie (Mission Impossible I think) where the villain said that anonymity is like a warm glove. Or something like that.

But yeah, I'm a bit famous, and either my illness or personality are acting up about the attention -- more or less fearfully.

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