Sunday, September 3, 2017


Yesterday I looked at my monthly budget and realized I had just enough money to buy an on sale 4 TB external hard drive.

So I did, I bought the 4 TB on sale external hard drive.

So, now my Mac (which had an old external hard drive that broke down) has got an update to its storage -- and I should have some space to work with.

Basically, it's possible I might be able to install Unity 2017 on an external hard drive, while keeping unity 4 ---- if I can get that work environment to work, then I won't necessarily need a new mac to work on a new project.

Unfortunately, even if I can get Unity 4 and Unity 2017 to coexist on the same setup ------ I'll probably still need to pay for a Unity Subscription plus assets for a new project, and that's just not going to appear in my budget for a few months still.

Even so, by cutting out the need for a new computer, if I do this new project, I've just shaved 2 months off the time it will take to do the project due to funding restrictions.

If I had more funding, I could work on it sooner, but I don't, so I just have to live with what I've got and be happy with it.

I wonder if I'm actually living some kind of experimental communist lifestyle here in Alberta, where I have a base income I can rely on but am not allowed to have a whole lot more than that.  Though it's secure and I'm happy and comfortable living my life, the economy of my work stagnates when it takes a long time to acquire the funds I need for tools to do the work I have ideas to work on.


As for work ideas, I've got my video game project idea --- which is not really being funded except for my communist government payment.

I have a book I've worked on, a book about my life ----- but life is such a wreck sometimes I wonder if it's actually a bad idea to publish any more of my messed up life's stories.

But then there's my business idea.

I had this business idea a few months back ---- but I realize I actually have nearly zero expertise in doing it, so I think I'll just post my idea here:::

What if someone started a company, like with Kickstarter, or through Stock market investment ---- and they were able to hire a CEO ----------

And this company created a railway throughout Alberta?  A passenger railway. I'm thinking it would be one of those railways that's really fast and the track is elevated above ground level.

You could visit the West Edmonton Mall, The Calgary Stampede, The Snowbobs of Lethbridge, or vacation for a day to a month in Banff -------- not to mention all the business activities this could enable -----

Anyway, that was my idea, to create a rail line for passengers throughout Alberta.

I'm posting the idea here on this website, because I know I probably don't have the exptertise to do this myself.

I also wonder if it would be possible to find the right people to work on the project, if the project could ever be funded by anyone, and who would really want it.

But ---- if people liked the idea, then it could be said to be a driver for the "economy". It would give people jobs, and produce a result that would improve infrastructure throughout the province.

You would no longer be forced to drive, and you'd have competition for the bus lines.

Bah, maybe buses are all this province needs ------ but it was an idea, kind of like a "make work" project.

heck, my video game project is basically an interesting or hopefully fun "make work" project for myself.

I'm not at all qualified to build a railway though, and I'm only moderately capable of building games.

Ah well.  It's a great thing to have some motivation to try to do SOMETHING isn't it? :)

(coming from the perspective of a man who was once so unmotivated that I was just shutting down and wouldn't continue).

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