Monday, September 11, 2017

Not Hypnotized Anymore

So, the Mormons had started inviting me back to their activities, and I suspect they were praying for me to come back ----- something like that must explain why I was feeling such an urge to be nice to them and be their friend.

So::: I basically just understand that somebody must've hypnotized me, over a long distance, to want to return to Mormonism.

As of this evening, however, and after a good long time to lie down on it, I feel better, and I no longer feel driven to return to them.

In fact, while I was lying down my mind had time to ponder a question I asked the bishop who initially contacted me:

D&C 64 says we are required to forgive all men, lest we are guilty of the greater sin.

So:::: the question is::: should serious criminal acts or activities just be forgiven?

D&C 64 says we are REQUIRED to forgive ALL men.

So according to the face value of the scripture ---- yes you should forgive all men.

But someone with a brain realizes that some crimes are so wrong that they SHOULD NOT BE FORGIVEN.  There are some serious very wrong acts that have beset the world at various times which should not just automatically receive forgiveness, I think most sane people would agree with that.

So, my thought process was:::: If we can actually just ignore the requirement to forgive all men in cases of extremely severe crimes --------

Then that means D&C 64 is actually just plain NOT VALID. It's NOT VALID for anything.

It means Joesph Smith lied, that the church wasn't true, and the bishop was just being an asshole when he could never let me take a position against anyone who would wrong me.

I was told of the requirement to forgive a LOT all throughout my life as a Mormon.  IT was seriously treated like a serious requirement.

But for common sense people, it's just bullshit.

Which means when my sister was trying to drive me crazy by calling me names all the time ---- that seems like a less severe sin, but even so I didn't really have to forgive that. The church was just abusing me by making me turn the other cheek to all the names she ever called me.

So, even by requiring forgiveness of all men, the church is just abusing people, because I know how hard it was to go through all that name calling in my childhood, and never being allowed to lift a finger against it.

I should have quit being a Mormon long before I was 17.  It's just too bad I didn't figure it out until I had just received my patriarchal blessing though.  And I was one of the quicker ones to figure it out too. Just too bad.

But yeah::: Their spiritual magic is real because there can be a force of long-distance hypnosis work on your mind making you think you want to go back to them.

And it took all day and philosophical thought to get he hypnosis to wear off for me today. It's pretty powerful stuff.

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