Monday, September 18, 2017

Feeling Uneasy

I said I was a bit empathic right?

Well, in relation to this blog --- which has been receiving many more daily visitations than normal --- I feel very uneasy.

I feel an anxiety kind of --- like butterflies in my stomach almost.

Obviously, maybe I could or should fear some kind of social punishment if I face a choice that I would be wrong to choose either way.

The third choice is just to be neutral, to be peaceful. That's pretty much the only option I can really go for.

My strategy when I was young, and mostly continuing through my life --- was just to do good things, to help people, to try to be a good person.

Of course, morality is (or can be) subjective so what is right for one person is wrong for another.

I didn't want to cause anyone pain for most of my life, or at least I was trying or hoping to uphold a good morality.

Of course, I can't control people, so things go horribly wrong ----- but I do try to be morally upstanding.

After writing the above, I started feeling a lot better, not so much feeling the uneasiness or anxiety.

Maybe I just don't like dealing with large crowds of people --- may be the greater interest in my blog is causing my introversion to feel nervous.

And, I just wonder how I could have all these visitors and none of them can or will fill out my blog's poll in the right column.

Fill out that poll! Or something. Who knows.

yeah. I was feeling some kind of anxiety about my blog ----- but after writing the above, I feel better.

If anything, I wrote this post for myself.

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