Friday, September 15, 2017

Emails from Publishers

This isn't a big email about some publisher suddenly being very impressed with me and trying to offer me a book deal -- nope.

The latest two emails in my inbox are from two different "self-publishers" who are giving me some insight about things.

One says I need a life coach, or as some spammy email once said I need a mentor. This might help, I just don't like telephones ---- I'm probably just scared of this really. I'm not very social.

The other email explained that some kinds of literature are considered to be "taboo" and have guidelines.

Oh yes ----- the stores, the publishers, and their guidelines.

I couldn't just write a book about my life and be successful at making money just because of how completely messed up my life has been.

As Youtube once told me:::: You can never please everyone.

If you wanna be successful as an author --- don't write about real life.  Real life is too screwed up.

I tried to be a good person in my life, but as I already said ---- it doesn't matter what side you choose, you are wrong.

I could go on and on about how experiences in life can just be so wrong, yet beyond your control ---- and these experiences will make a book about your life unacceptable to someone's guidelines.

Like to a Mormon, any number of things in a text might get them demanding a refund right away. I mean ---- anything can go wrong if a Mormon has to judge your book or movie.

So yeah ----- I just write a book about life, and it's possible that just plain life is against guidelines.

A mentor or a life coach sounds like a good idea ---- I'm just kind of scared, or introverted, not feeling too social, not sure I could make any scheduled appointments because my life revolves around other people's schedules, and I hate telephones.

Of course, it's confusing when for the past week or two my blog has been receiving way more visitors than "normal" ----- and yet none of these visitors are filling out a simple poll on my site.

Maybe everyone's just crazy --- I'm crazy for not being totally able to deal with it ---- and the fact that a book about life would be against anyone's guidelines simply because so many people in life just don't behave themselves.

I'm at a loss with how to deal with certain issues ---- but as things are my life, thankfully, is pretty comfy.

Intellectually I realize having a life coach or a mentor could help ---- but I feel driven away from it by some nature, and I even wonder how appropriate it would be to ask a publisher-hired life coach "what if sales aren't being reported?"

One thing I've learned simply from watching Netflix is that I don't handle confrontational situations, even just on tv or in movies, very well.  I am automatically psychologically repelled from anything that might be confrontational or even to social or talkative.

I actually like not having to talk to people online I'm kind of in a bubble like that.

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