Monday, September 11, 2017

Being a Mormon Again.

Well, I never got excommunicated nor did I ever remove my name from the records of the church.

And I know I had questioning periods and I took the opposite position to my own church, in a way, more or less.

But I will be honest with you about who I am right now::: I am feeling very friendly towards the Mormons right now, almost as if I will or would return to them.

I've been hated for being a Mormon before, people don't like me for it, and I've learned to understand why that is.

But I will also be honest that it's like I'm filled with a spirit that is controlling my mind to just be friends with these people. It is that weird.

Not to mention all the VERY REAL miracles they do have. I mean, a lot of ex-Mormons become atheists who never understood God or Jesus or whathaveyou ---- but Mormonism did actually work in my life and did introduce me to Jesus, somehow, however that works.

Is there anything I still wonder about? Sure.

Like, for example:::: In the BOOK OF MORMON the perfect Zion society they created in that story was a people without rich and without poor.

The society in the Book of Mormon was essentially a form of socialism. The perfect society, I might add.

What confuses me is how Ezra Taft Benson, a Mormon Prophet, rages against socialism like it's some great, great evil.

I think his major argument is that "socialists" are "godless" while "Mormon socialism" has God.

I know the Soviets also had their mentalists (as depicted in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) and they had their psychics ----- and this actually means that they were not actually Godless.

Mormons say Catholics have no actual relationship with God either, except I have also learned that this is a lie as well.

When Mormon say they are the "one true church", "true" does not mean what you think it means. That's the only way I can understand this situation now.  There are so many cases in Mormonism where the opposite word is used to describe something:::


In Mormonism, a QUORUM is a council with a maximum size of members.

In regular society, A Quorum is a council consisting of the MINIMUM amount of members.

----- On these grounds, I would interject that Mormonism uses the opposite, and therefore wrong word, to describe things an awful lot.

This, of course, might legitimately mean that the church is actually Satanic ------ and yeah, they are often doing the opposite of what they are told to do,

But, I actually admit that I am friendly, the miracles are real, Mormonism does so much good (along with people who "don't get it") and

I've heard that loud laughter is "banned" in Mormonism, but the church is hilarious.  It is so funny, and I know that I've had many happy moments with the Mormons where we are all just laughing our asses off, and even just laughing like that is breaking the rules, but it's so funny we laugh like that anyway, and well,

::::::I'm basically just possessed by a spirit to be really friendly with Mormons right now OK??

I do actually have some "desire" to reactivate and go back to church.

A Lot of ex-Mormons never knew God, and they become atheists, but in Mormonism I attained a personal relationship with God, and God has done me much good, and now I"m driven to be their friends again,

And this might work out because 8th ward stopped existing, and the new local ward is under new management.

There you go.

And I realize it's very easy to hate the Mormon person, but it's definitely not what you think. Words just don't describe the religion very well.

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