Saturday, September 30, 2017

Being Famous - Getting Phonecalls

I have much reason to suspect I'm getting more and more famous.

Despite the way no one talks to me on my blog or even fills out my blog poll, I am aware of hundreds of visits to my website.

I am aware of new and interesting followers on Twitter.

And my cell phone has also seen an increase in the amount of people 'Trying to contact" me.

Besides the Courtesy Call from my provider, and family, I get these phone calls from seemingly random Calgary and Toronto numbers.

I was feeling pretty nervous about talking to strangers, so I set my phone to "Do not disturb". If you want to talk to me, write me an email. Or post on this blog in the comment section.

I do my research, to the level I can, on numbers that call me. Most numbers appear to have little to no information attached to them -----but they aren't even marked as 'spam' or 'not safe' phone calls, they might be legitimate.

But I have found some information about two people who phoned me:::

One appears to be heavily into right wing politics. I figured he may have been attached to someone's campaign in the civic election, so I decided not the worry about it ----

But today, on my notification, I got a phone call --- doing research ---- it is apparently a photographer.


I can only guess that a photographer trying to contact me means I am or am becoming famous ---- I'm just guessing --------

But in the little bit of information, I share with my family about the stuff I'm seeing ---- I'm not sure they're going to handle it the best.

My family is just, hmm,, just not completely sane ----- everyone in my family seems to have one psychological issue at least ----------  so I'm just not sure how well they'll handle it if I become famous or whatever. I'm not even sure if I'm handling it well, with my nervousness about people.


Earlier this evening I was talking a bit about the Mormon forgiveness thing with my Dad --- he hates hearing my thoughts on any religious topic at this point, so now those discussion points aren't clear in my mind anymore -----

But I was more recently this evening thinking about the Mormon debate itself ----

I've said this before ----- when I was pro-Mormon, I wasn't supported by my own church, nor was I supported by the community around me. I learned I was WRONG to be pro-Mormon.

So when I became anti-Mormon, guess what? Still not in the clear --- I was wrong to be an anti-Mormon as well.

You'd think there would be a right side and a wrong side to a discussion about whether or not the church is true ------ it's either true or it isn't,

but what I found is that I am wrong as a pro-Mormon, and I'm likewise just about as wrong as an anti-Mormon.

Taking up the argument on either side is apparently not winnable ---- which doesn't make any sense.

So that just makes me suspect that yet again, there is a flaw in the human mind.

Neither side can be viewed as acceptable for any of their side's merits apparently. I was just wrong on both sides, and I'm not sure how that's logical, but that's what appears to have happened.

I was wrong no matter what.

I wasn't accepted by my own church or by the community as a pro-Mormon ----- but as an anti-Mormon, I was still wrong, so yeah, I'm confused by that and it didn't make sense.

But I guess that's what you can expect in a world where you may be the smartest boy at school - but your sister is still gonna be disrespectful and insult your intelligence ---- as well as when you just try to tell people the truth all the time and no one accepts what you say, they even just call  you "completely insane".

I just don't understand people I guess. Maybe that's why I'm nervous about phone calls.

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