Friday, September 8, 2017

A Weird Dream

I had a very strange dream last night, which I experienced pretty vividly for myself, as I usually don't dream about much when I sleep.

I dreamt I was an astronaut. I was a terrible astronaut. For some reason, I was supposed to wear a heavy winter jacket as I blasted off into space, and I ended up taking it off due to personal comfort, and that canceled the mission.

I was also supposed to wear these half-gloves that stuck to my hands, and I think I was being injected with intravenous for some reason during the experience (in my dream).

The other thing I remember is the one time I did successfully blast off into space, for some reason I actually ended up in a fight with a world leader aboard the space station --- a zero G, no lightsabers, fight with the world leader himself and I ended up heading back to earth. The best I can guess is that it was a fight over natural resources in space.

I have no freaking idea what that was all about.  I was personally never really interested in being an astronaut, but last night in my sleep, it's like God's angels forced me to dream about me having the role, likely because of how my name compares to an actual astronaut's name (Chris Hadfield).

Actually, "Kris Attfield" and its variations are not totally uncommon, there is another Kris Attfield living in my province, as well as I once found on my Forge TV that there was a photographer with a similar name having a photo on the google photo stream (the screensaver).

I'm not the same photographer, but in reality, I'm more of a photographer than I am an astronaut.

But yeah, weird dream.


That dream came after Apple Music helped me find some new music. I found two interesting albums. One which lightly I can relate to myself, while the other appears to be pretty much about me, yet again.

I know, it's so weird how I see myself in other people's music. But I will say that though I could relate myself very well to songs of last night's new album ---- this album reminded me most of my less than great aspects ---- it basically seemed critical of a guy like me. I don't really have a complete problem with what it was saying because I realized it was pretty true or truthy where the information came from and how it compares, but yeah, I was just being reminded that I'm not the greatest astronaut ever and to calm down a bit.

Like, I can tell that if I had serious commercial success in my endeavors that the dopamine in my brain would make me constantly high, I'm pretty sure that's what would happen ----

so this basically critical album just calms that down, helps level me out. I do have ways of feeling so good inside that I need meds to calm me down, but now there's also an album to remind me of my less than great characteristics, so I can just calm down and not feel so high all the time.


And I suppose I could also mention that I put a POLL on this website a few days ago asking if you've read the Eagle's Sore, and last I checked, of the hundreds of visitors this site has received since then ---- no one has filled out the poll.

So what does that mean? When I give ample options to answer the question with and nobody responds?

It's kind of obvious, the pirating sites reported hundreds or thousands of rip-offs, and almost no sales ever reported, so yeah, it would just kind of be strange if everyone truthfully reported only free and stolen copies ----- but of course for obvious legal reasons people might not admit to theft. Huh.

That's the best way I can interpret my blog poll so far.

It's just weird how they aren't ticking "I didn't read it" or "I intend to read it" ---- the information I have already says the vast majority of readers just got it for free or stole it, and they aren't about it admit that on my website, I guess.

So yeah, that's all I can think of to say for now.


I just checked my email.

There's a new email in my inbox this morning from Twitter.

Its advertising a gaming tournament in Montreal called "DreamHack ASTRO".

OMG. Wow. Huh. Weird.  That's like, amazing that I would have such a dream during the night, then write about it on my blog, then check my email and find a message about the same sort of thing.

So weird.

But I did look up my dream in a Dream Dictionary I have on my iPhone --- there was nothing for "astronaut", but there was "Space" and "Outer Space".

Space --- start investigating your spiritual side.

Outer Space ---- Represents your creativity.

SO:::: My creativity apparently involves an aborted mission (yes, seems true), fighting with world leaders and being injected with drugs.

Sounds about right. :)

So yeah, the dream dictionary seemed somewhat reliable about a possible interpretation,

while there's a Twitter Gaming Tournament that heavily relates in name to what I just experienced.

Yeah --- that's weird.

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